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“How to accelerate my business process and run it easier & smarter?” It’s a good question which frequently asked by our customers and partners.

In our engineering world, we have all the transactional tools helping us managing the individual objects(Material, Document, Change Number etc.) and processes(Changes Requests etc.), it helps a lot for separated objects management indeed, however, things just messed up when we come into the case that we have to consider them together, and unfortunately, that’s always the reality.

If you are a BoM engineer or a design engineer or any role who only cares about your object only, that’s no problem, you are happy with the tools. But things are different if you are a development manager or a change coordinator in your engineering department, who always needs to know the overall status and responsible for engineering performance, this is why Engineering Cockpit comes to the rescue.

PLM Engineering Cockpit for Discrete Industry is an analytical application based on SAP overview template, it provides an aggregated information grouped by predefined business logic for Engineering Development Managers or a Change Coordinators.

There are 2 parts in the application: the Global Filters, and Cards. Global Filters provide you several search fields, you can fill in the fields and perform filter to narrow down the aggregated information to the scope which is relevant to you. Cards are containers to display business related information, this information is always a summarized data which you cares the most.


In this first release of Engineering Cockpit, the following contents are included:

  • Urgent Engineering Changes

This card displays the most urgent Change Records as a list. There is an “Expected Completion Date” for each Change Record, normally the change should be completed before that date. Thus, the card gives you an urgency list that you may like to react on, ordered by “Expected Completion Date” ascendingly. Now you are more or less acting as a firefighter for your engineering department.

  • Change Execution Status

This card displays overall change execution status. By viewing the chart displayed, you can get to know:

  1. How many Change Record Created in last period of time
  2. What is the execution(Lifecycle) status as of now

What’s more, the changes themselves are cost, they cost money, time and capacity, the card can also help to find out your business bottleneck. For instance, if you narrow down the scope (using global filters) to view change execution status for separate products(line/group), you know which product cost you the most(the one with the most changes happened) in the past period of time, then you may have to pay more attention to that in next working cycle.

  • Change Execution Progress

This card displays change execution status. By viewing the chart displayed, you can get to know how your department is processing the changes, and foresee potential capacity issue according to the trend. For example, the number of “New” and “In Process” change record is increasing crazily while “Complete” or “Canceled” is not increasing that much, from this situation you know that you may face a very high workload soon if the situation remains the same. So you are doing fire prevention for your department as of now.

  • Quick Links

This card gives you the quick links you accessed the most. From Engineering Cockpit you can open your frequently accessed Fiori Applications directly.

  • Upcoming Effective Changes

This card displays upcoming valid changes. By viewing the table displayed, you know which change number is going to be effective, and further check which objects are going to be changed, with this information, you may need to check further preparations(stock, routing…) to make sure the changes are ready to be valid.


In the following release, we planned to include more process and object related contents, such as workflow tasks, processing status, and most active objects… also, in the future, more Engineering Cockpit applications are planned for other personas (BoM engineer, design engineer …) involved in engineering process, and it is planned to become the trigger point for the end-to-end stories.

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