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Quickly Enable (< 5 mins) mobile card kit in SAP Cloud Platform mobile services

If you have SAP Cloud Platform mobile services, either in production or in trial, and if you have gone into the Mobile Service for Development and Operations Cockpit, it’s likely you have seen the below Advisory screen.

Instead of closing it, why not take advantage of it and get up and running with Mobile Cards in a few minutes.

Enabling the cards listed in this Advisory Screen will give you information on your mobile device for data that you often have questions about regarding usage in Mobile Services and won’t require you to go to the admin to find.  There are four cards that get created if you select all checkboxes to create the cards.

  • The User Registration card will show you the number of users that have registered per work week, over the last 30 days.
  • The Registrations card will show you the number of device types that you have registered to mobile services, like iPhone, Android, etc.
  • The Request by Time will show you how many requests to your mobile services account has been made from users applications over the last 30 days, per week.
  • The Users card will show you how many users are registered for which application that has been deployed in your environment.

If you have closed this screen and asked that it not show up again, don’t worry, you can bring it back.  In the top right hand corner click on your user name and from the drop down menu select Advisory.

Select the 4 cards to be created and then chose “Create Selected Cards”

Once the cards have been created you will see that they have been successfully created.

Close the success screen but keep the Advisory screen up, it’s now time to get out your phone.  On your iPhone open the camera app and point it to the QR code on the left.  You’ll get a drop down to go to the App Store that will take you to SAP Mobile Cards to install.


Once it’s installed open the camera app again and scan the QR code on the right side of the Advisory Page.  You’ll then see a drop down to open the SAP Mobile Cards application, click on the drop down and it will open mobile cards for you.

Enter in your SAP Cloud Platform credentials to start the registration.  Once the registration is complete you’ll need to select to Authorize the application for use, and then you can set a passcode or skip it to set later.



Now that the client is configured you’ll come to a screen that will show No Cards, drag your finger down the screen and it will say Downloading cards… and then it should go into Creating cards…, give it a bit and you’ll get the cards that you selected from the Advisory Screen.  These cards are pulling data from Mobile Services to let you view certain statistics.  You now have Mobile Cards configured to your device and you can start adding more cards.







To configure more cards take a look at some of these links, there are many examples these are only a few to get you started.

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