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All About Restore Point – Byd/C4C

A restore point is a snapshot of your system’s data at a specific point in time. It should be requested as a fallback system before executing data migration processes or other critical operations in your current system!

Per system, only one active restore point is allowed. By default, restore points have a retention period of 14 days and are deleted afterwards automatically. Within this period, you have the option to create an incident if you wish to reset your system to this restore point.

For requesting a restore point, please log on to your test or productive system , Go to work center  ‘Service Control Center’ → Choose SystemsRequest Restore Point.

A pop-up appears where you can choose

•Source System ID:
•Source System Downtime Start:

A minimum downtime of 4 hours is required for the source system during a restore point creation.

Please note that over and above 4 hours, downtime is subject to the size of the source tenant and will be estimated during request creation. The copy process of source system can only be performed outside of the contractual maintenance window.

Similarly, you can also request a termination of a restore point by following the below path.

Go to  ‘Service Control Center’Choose SystemsTerminate Restore Point

Please note:

  1. The restore point will be available 4-8 hours after release of the source system.

2. A restore point is available in the system for a period of 14 days only.

3.The restore point is deleted after the retention period is expired.
Upgrade limitation: a restore point is not valid after upgrade of the system. Hence, a reset to               restore point procedure is not supported for such scenarios. That means that a restore point               created shortly before an upgrade, cannot be used for a reset to restore point after the                       upgrade.

PDI-Solution-related information:

1.Once a restore point is taken, please avoid deploying new PDI patches on the source system            of the restore point as this will update the PDI solutions across all systems of the environment            where the solution exists including the restore point with the latest version. Hence, a rollback              from the restore point cannot be assured and therefore, not processed as the restore point                  has an updated PDI version.

2.If you have a PDI solution with status In Development, requesting a new Restore Point would            result in change of the solution status to Disabled, in both source and the new restore point                tenant.

3.Any critical activity in the source system must be avoided while the restore point creation is in            progress. This is required to provide a consistent recovery. The customer must confirm that                restore point provisioning is complete in all respects before undertaking such an activity. In                case the restore point is not provisioned for any reason (technical or otherwise), there is a                  huge risk for the customer.

4.Once the restore point is completed, Customer/Partner via confirmation mail from SAP.

For Reset to Restore Point Information, kindly refer to the blog –> Reset to Restore Point

Shashank Singor

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      Author's profile photo Ankitkumar Kaneri
      Ankitkumar Kaneri

      Very Useful for the customers. Also you can refer to the KBA ID: 2315326 How to request a Restore Point.

      Author's profile photo Ivan Minoli
      Ivan Minoli

      Very useful guide!

      Does the restore point restores all the new tickets created during the migration in case it is triggered? or it restored just the solution without impacting on new tickets?




      Author's profile photo Shashank Singor
      Shashank Singor
      Blog Post Author

      Nope, new tickets will not be copied if the tenant is restored. Ticketing will be impacted.

      Author's profile photo María Guadalupe Juárez
      María Guadalupe Juárez

      Could you share us an overview about the C4C infrastructure indicating the considered actions by SAP to remain service available?

      Author's profile photo Leonardo Tonelli
      Leonardo Tonelli

      Hi Shashank,

      if I've requested the Restore Point in Production system, will the Test system upgrade have an impact on it? Or the Restore Point will still be valid till the Production system upgrade?

      In general, is there any impact between the Test system and the Production system upgrades?



      Author's profile photo Shashank Singor
      Shashank Singor
      Blog Post Author

      Restore points are individual entity and has no relation between test and production. 

      Points to be thoughtful about.

      1.If you have requested a restore point for production tenant today and in next 10 days your production tenant is scheduled for upgrade to a higher product version, then in this case the restore point will become null and void after the upgrade and cannot be used to restore back.

      2. Restore will be valid for 14days only.

      3. Restore points taken before a specific product upgrade becomes null and void, if requested for restore in new product version : ex: if the current product version is 2202 and restore point is taken, after 10 days if the product version changes to 2205, then you will not be able to use the same restore point to request restore even though the restore point is valid and well under 14day validity rule.


      Hope this helps.


      Author's profile photo Leonardo Tonelli
      Leonardo Tonelli

      Hi Shashank,

      to give you a real example, if I've requested a Restore Point yesterday in Production system, it will be valid for the next 14 days or till the next Production upgrade, is it correct?



      Author's profile photo Shashank Singor
      Shashank Singor
      Blog Post Author

      Its valid for 14 days

      Author's profile photo Andrew Smith
      Andrew Smith

      Hello, you mentioned creating a restore point can take 4 hrs, but could be longer according to the size of the tenant.  At the point of requesting it, an estimate is calculated.  Is this prior to submission or post submission?

      My worry is, if i define a time to undertake a Snapshot and it does not estimate prior to confirming the submission, a snapshow could end up being 8 hours for example, which would cause us problems.

      Any experience in undertaking this and explaining this would be greatly appreciated.

      Kind regards


      Author's profile photo Shashank Singor
      Shashank Singor
      Blog Post Author

      Ankitkumar Kaneri Hello Ankit, Could you please guide here? Thank you