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We’re announcing the availability of the SAP SQL Data Warehouse trial edition available since August 3rd, 2018, which supports the usage of SAP HANA Full-Use Enterprise Edition 2.0 SPS03 (XSA), SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation 2.0 SP03 and SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer 1.0 SP4 including the advanced analytics capabilities like Text-Analysis, Spatial and Graph.

The SAP SQL Data Warehouse trial includes the capabilities to model, implement, build and run a SAP SQL Data Warehouse solution in a Cloud based environment.

Data Warehouse Systems today struggle with two major issues: Business requires more connected, direct accessible data and IT requires more cloud and architecture flexibility.

The SAP SQL Data Warehouse solution is positioned to solve both of those challenges by accessing artifacts from remote systems/container and/or loading and processing of clean data into Data Warehouse systems to drive and support decisions while offering cloud freedom for data systems, applications, and system development.


SAP SQL Data Warehouse trial

SAP SQL Data Warehouse trial is a complete pre-configured deployment of the SAP SQL Data Warehouse solution for trial and evaluation purposes on Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

It is available to spin-up your own instance via the SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

With the trial edition, SAP is providing the option to take look at all features of the installed products (SAP HANA Standard Edition (XSA), SAP HANA Data Warehousing Foundation and SAP Enterprise Architecture Designer), for the duration of 30 days.

We do not charge you for the usage of SAP SQL Data Warehouse trial. You only need to cover the cloud provider expenses for using their infrastructure.

The following diagram visualizes the architecture of the SAP SQL Data Warehouse trial:


How to get started?

To take a look at the SAP SQL Data Warehouse trial, you need a SAP CAL account. Afterwards you can deploy the trial edition through SAP Cloud Appliance Library.

Here’s the Link to access the SAP CAL “SAP SQL Data Warehousing Trial” Solution

We’re happy to share the info that we added a SAP CAL “SAP SQL Data Warehousing Developer Edition” Solution in addition to the SAP CAL “SAP SQL Data Warehousing Trial” Solution.

Please feel free to check the details on the differences of the two CAL solutions on the FAQs for SAP SQL Data Warehouse trial blog.

A Getting Started Guide can be found here. It guides you through the process to deploy the trial edition. In addition, we are currently working on a set of tutorials. We plan to publish them soon.

We would be happy to see you blogging about the scenarios that you build on top of the trial edition.

If you have questions, problems or proposals, feel free to post them as comments to this blog, or to the SAP Community. We will try to answer them in a timely manner and collect frequently asked questions here.

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    1. Igor dos Santos da Silva

      Me too!At my company we are doing an ‘freestyle’ DW approach, using SDI to persist data into tables, which sometimes create information silos, without much of governance on it…BW is not an option here, so HANA SQL DW is the way to go…


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