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FAQs for SAP SQL Data Warehouse trial

This page is intended to collect frequently asked questions related to SAP SQL Data Warehouse trial. The content will be updated frequently.

Where do I find the SAP SQL Data Warehouse trial ?

You find an overview in this blog post.

Which Cloud Infrastructure Provider are supported by the CAL trial ?

We’re supporting the deployment of the CAL solution to AWS, GCP and Azure.

What’s the difference between the two CAL options SAP SQL Data Warehouse Data Trial and the SAP SQL Data Warehouse (Developer Edition)

The SAP SQL DW trial comes with the standard trial/paid license, customer are free to use it within a 30 day trial period and can then later convert the instance into a subscription model. Customer can purchase and install their licenses into the CAL system and are governed by SAP licensing conditions including full support

The SAP DW DW developer edition comes with 2 main differences: the developer license limits the user to perform his development on the instance, hence the name. The can grab a tech license on, which includes community support and it’s not allowed to demo SAP functionality to customers. Second difference is that the dev license allows for perpetual use of the CAL instance, no expiration period. Never remove a developer environment. Access to the SAP DW DW developer edition SAP SQL Data Warehouse Developer Edition CAL

Message: Internal Server Error at WebIDE, DI Builder, DI Space Enablement

“An expired server certificate for the XS advanced default domain or a bad certificate configuration might prevent the xscontroller service from starting.

As a solution, log in at the HANA system as <sid>adm user and issue the following command:

XSA reset-certificate“

In order to give that command, you will need to use the XS Command Line:

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  • Can anybody advise on *which* kind of license from miniSAP I should get for the "SAP SQL Data Warehousing (Developer Edition)"?

    The specific product "SAP SQL Data Warehousing (Developer Edition)" is not available there, and as far as I can tell the "HANA Plattform Edition" license obtainable through miniSAP is giving some problems with the XSA stack so that the WebIDE, the Cockpit and all other Web UIs are not usable any more.

  • Hi Martin,

    I had removed my  "SAP SQL Data Warehouse Developer Edition" instance previously actived in the CAL. So, how can I recover it

  • Dear all,

    I'm sorry for responding late - we're forced to re-create the CAL solution "SAP SQL Data Warehousing 2.5"

    It's available again following below link:

    I'll update the Blog page accordingly.