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How to Request the Tenant Refresh


This process will provide you a flexibility where you can request for a tenant refresh of an existing test tenant. This service is available for Business ByDesign/ Cloud for Customer/ Cloud for Travel. D4C/ Edge customers cannot request this service.

The tenant refresh process contains of the following steps:

•Copy of the source tenant (which requires a downtime about at least 4 hours)

•Switch of the tenant identities (switch of tenant ID and tenant URL)

•Invalidation/Decommissioning of original test tenant

That means that we do a full copy of a source tenant, this could be a productive or an existing test tenant and switch the identities (tenant ID and URL) of the test tenant which should refreshed.

In the end, the original test tenant will be decommissioned by this process.


The result of this process is to retain the URL and tenant ID of an existing test tenant and to refresh it with data of source tenant (mainly your productive tenant but it could also be your existing test tenant).


For example, a tenant refresh can be used for integration tests of a SAP Cloud for Customer test tenant which is already integrated with an ERP system and testing requires new data of the productive tenant.



•The customer is requesting a full copy (clone = 1:1 copy containing all data from Production to Test only)



Please note that when customer-specific solutions (PDI solutions/one-off projects) are in place, this will only work when version of existing customer-specific solutions are the same in source tenant and tenant to be refreshed.


How to Request a Tenant Refresh via an Incident

To request a tenant refresh, please create an incident out of your Cloud tenant.

Provide the following information in the incident to request tenant refresh:

•Customer name.

•Customer number/ID (Business Partner Number).

•Tenant ID or URL of tenant which is source of the copy.

•Tenant ID or URL of test tenant which should be refreshed.

•Requested downtime of source tenant: Start time, start date.

(During the tenant refresh creation, the source tenant needs to be stopped for 4 hours.)

This activity can only be performed outside of the contractual maintenance window.

•Confirmation about short downtime of test tenant to be refreshed and new tenant during identity switch.

•Confirmation that you can agree with deletion of original test tenant (test tenant which should be refreshed)

•Requester Contact Person It is important that you provide with the name and e-mail address of the person who should be informed when we face issues during this process.

The tenant refresh is generally provided within 1 business day of the customer making the request. The customer will be informed of completion via update on the incident.

Tenant refresh process is only available for the Customer tenants. Reference or Partner Development Tenants are NOT supported.

NOTE: After the source tenant downtime, it will take another 8-10 hours for completing the further steps and getting ready the test tenant.


NOTE: For the On-premise customers, Post refresh activity in order to sync the integration between On-premise & C4C system, Kindly refer to the below three blogs:-

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


Shashank Singor

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  • Hi Shashank,


    Thanks for this blog.

    In our scenario, we already went live but our test and prod tenants were not in sync so we are unable to use the transport management released recently.

    Now we want to make test and prod tenants sync, we want to copy our prod tenant back to our test.

    Is it possible to make this tenant copy without changing the URL and tenant ID?

    Do SAP has a procedure in place to carry out this activity?

    Kindly help with your answers.



    Keynes Austin

    • Hi Austin,


      If you LIVE, you still can request a request a tenant refresh. Kindly create an incident, with the details in the blog.



      Shashank Singor

  • Hi Shashank,

    On which cloud tenant shouId I create the incident?   If I create the incident on the Test tenant that I want refreshed will the incident get overwritten?

    Thank you for the your support

    Sandy Shavlik

    • Hi Sandy, Create incident from the source aka production tenant. Test tenant will be refreshed from production. Hence yo will have a track of incident, if the incident is created in production. Thanks


  • Shashank Singor

    Nice Blog. Few questions i have, for test tenant refresh from Production tenant, does all the communication arrangement maintained in test system will be overwritten?

    I want the test system url to be same as before. Do we have any checklist which can be considered from customer side after test refresh? I mean what activities we have to do in test system again. We have test system integrated with ERP and other landscapes.

    Kindly assist.

  • Is this process outlined in the blog post for requesting tenant refresh still accurate? I just created an incident following the steps in the post and the SAP rep who responded is saying

    Now is mandatory for SAP Business ByDesign customers: Reason for keeping the tenant URL and why you cannot do the standard process which is terminating existing test tenant and request a new one from work center ‘Service Control Center’.

    I am unaware of any other “standard process”? We refresh out test tenant a couple times a year (last time being Dec 18) and I have always used the process from the post.

  • Hi Shashank,


    Great post. One question on PDI. We refreshed Dev tenant from Prod as it was deviated a lot from the Prod. We kept the system ID and URL same because we raised the incident as per the process you have outlined.

    The Dev now got the PDI copied from the Prod. However, as a back-up we had downloaded the PDI from DEV before copy.

    What do we need to do with PDI ? Do we keep the PDI copied from Prod to Dev as it is and can continue creating path on it ? or Do we need to upload the back-up copy of the original solution from DEV ? Please note our PDI versions were the Same in Dev , test and Prod.

    Awaiting a response.