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SAP API Business Hub Next Generation User Experience

SAP API Business Hub is the central catalog for all SAP and partner related APIs and integration content. SAP API Business Hub has more than 1250 artifacts -Integration flows, APIs, Adapters – across 221 packages, with millions of API calls in the API sandbox. To enable the users with the features requested by them and ease of use ,SAP API Business Hub is enhanced with the new design

SAP API Business Hub Next generation user experience is now available at This blog details the key features, benefits and how the features can be experienced

This enhancement of the SAP API Business Hub enables developers and business users to quickly identify digital content of choice, and consume seamlessly from one store. Users can Search, Discover, Test and Consume Integration, &API content and Engage with SAP API Business Hub

What are the Key New Features of API Business Hub Next Generation

  • Group of Content Packages based on product types, business scenarios and other criteria
  • Enhanced Search and Refine by options for easy search of content
  • Enhanced Package , API,Integration content usability
  • Receive updates specific to SAP API Business Hub
  • Getting Started guide to get an overview of SAP API Business Hub

Launch SAP API Business Hub Next Generation 

Launch to find the different groups of content packages based on the product types and business scenarios

Each group is represented as anchors below the Search section on launch of API Business Hub

Each group of content package presents the associated content and also provides a link to view the complete set of content in the group

Click on the View More of the content group link to view the complete set of content packages within the group

Select an anchor belonging to a content group to navigate to the required content group



 Visualize the Content Group here  referring to the product type with a heading and                     description detailing the group


Click on View More of Digital Content to view the complete set of contents available in APIBusiness Hub



Select Recently Updated/Usage to sort the content based on the usage and the update of the content packages


Search for a Content and Refine the Results

Search is available prominently, to quickly search for the required content and navigate to the search results.

It is also possible to further refine the search results based on the available content types

Provide a Search Term to search for the specific digital content of interest


For further ease of use, there are options available to refine by based on Types, Products, Line of Business and Vendor to discover the digital content pertinently.

Select a Refine By criteria to filter the searched results

Content Packages, APIs and Integrations can be refined by multiple options and the refined content is available based on the combination of the selected options.

Package Overview

To view the basic details of the package, preview the package Tile and collect information such as the Type of the package ,number and type of digital content available and usage of the content

To view the complete details of the package click on the package Tile .Packages

Each Integration and API package has a name, and brief description in the header section of the package.

To know more about to the package, navigate to the Details option which displays the complete information about the package, including Business Tags and documents

Select the Business Tags Anchor to view the same in the package


Navigate to the Reviews section by using the anchor available in the Details page to read/write the reviews.

Navigating to Related Packages using Business Tags

 It is possible to navigate to related package from the Details section of a package by clicking on Business Tags.

When you click a business tag, content is refined based on the selected tag

Navigating to APIs from Package

 All the relevant APIs available within the package are available in the APIs section


All the Integration content available within the package is available in the Integration section


To further understand the details and test experience the API within the package, use the filter to select a particular API.




 To understand and Tryout a specific API select the specific anchor associated with the API.

On selecting this anchor, the details of the API will be displayed.


API Try Out

 You can experience the API with, Try out (1), Code snippets (2), API Key (3), as well as to download SDK (4) by selecting the option from a  list of APIs (5).


API Details

Details section of the API can be used to understand the API specific documentation and download API specifications

To download API Specifications, select the Download Specifications from the Details page and downloaded the specifications in JSON, YAML, or EDMX


Additional Resources

For help, resources and to stay connected, refer to the section at the bottom of the page.

Engage with Us

There is a lot to explore with this new design and you are welcome to share feedback by clicking on   icon.

We’re always listening to you. Stay tuned for further updates!

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      Author's profile photo Smrithi Smrithi Jayarajan
      Smrithi Smrithi Jayarajan

      Hello Shylaja,

      If we want to publish an API that is in pre release and do not want to make it available for public consumption, what is the process for allowing customers to test and use the pre release API's on the SAP API Business Hub?

      Author's profile photo Sven Huberti
      Sven Huberti

      Hello Smrithi,

      the SAP API Business Hub is hosting SAP's APIs only.

      If a customer wants to publish its own APIs, then he can use the SAP API Management Service. This service provides a "Developer Portal", on which the SAP API Business Hub is actually based.

      In that Developer Portal, you can use the group-based access control to define who is allowed to see and use APIs. Hence, you can define a pre-release API and publish it only to a specific set of testers.

      Hope this helps!

      PS: in case your question was related to our SAP APIs, please get in touch with Shylaja internally.