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BPC Live Connection is a important feature that allows SAC user to directly access BPC data from SAC UI. Now only BPC Embedded Model supports Live Connection. BPC Standard model can integrate with SAC with Import/Export or real time write-back.


Below is a high level architecture diagram. It’s required to use a Reverse Proxy server or a similar technique to make sure SAC client can access both BPC and SAC server. This is because BPC and SAC are deployed across different domains. Javascript client by default doesn’t allow across domain access.

SAC client is connecting to SAC and BPC server both through INA service. The request is distributed by the proxy server and handles correspondingly.

This setup allows the hybrid usage of BPC and SAC for a customer who has different types of end user environments. For example end users who doesn’t have Analysis Office client, they can access BPC from SAC client.

Target BPC Release

BPC Embedded Model on all NW and BW/4 releases.


A new type of live connection is introduced to support BPC:

Below is the dialog of how to create BPC Live Connection. The Path below is the alias you have defined for your BW in the reverse proxy.

Below is the Model creation dialog, when you choose SAP BPC and the connection, SAC will retrieve all available environment/model list from the BPC server for you choose.

After Import, you can review the dimension and measures in the Modeler. The dimensions are the InfoObject being used in Row/Column/Free of the query. The Measures are the keyfigures or formulas used or defined in the query.

The dimension and measures information are being read from the BPC server when you open the model in Modeler. So if there is any change in your remote query, you can open your query here and save it again. Then the changes will be synced in SAC.

*A tip here is to name your model really carefully. Because once it’s created, you’ll no longer be able to rename it. Another good habit is to maintain the BPC/Connection/Query information in the description. When you create multiple models in SAC, sometimes it’s difficult to locate the one you want to work with because there is no BPC related filter information in the model list page.

You can actually change the underlying query by changing the data source. However this might be a bad idea if you already have created a serious of stories on top of the model. This might break all your stories which means you’ll have to rebuild them one by one. So in spite of the flexibility, I would say you should really careful about it.


Today the major BPC features are already supported by SAC. For example Basic manual planning, dis-aggregation, all types of key figures/formuas. You can even use SAC formulas for convenience.

BPC features supported:

  • Data slice
  • BW locking
  • Disaggregation
  • Calculated keyfigures
  • Inverse formula
  • Restricted keyfigures
  • Query prompt

SAC features supported:

  • Tables/Charts and all available controls on the BPC Live Connection Model
  • Cell locking
  • SAC input formulas
  • Calculated Measures
  • Revert/Discard data change
  • Formatting

There are still few missing features by far. For example Spread in SAC and triggering planning functions in BPC are not supported yet. But it won’t take long to have them in SAC.

Last but not least

This is an important move on the SAC side to support the hybrid planning scenario for BPC customers. We look forward to feedback and recommendations from you. Please feel free to leave your comments.

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  1. Henry Banks


    from what WaveXX is this released?   and what version of BPC does the customer need to be on?

    I can’t see any reference to this in the system requirements pages:

    Does this include Write-back workflow?

    regards, H

    1. Sibo Zhang Post author

      Hi Henry,

      Thanks for being interested.

      The feature is not released yet. It will be publicly announced in Sapphire.

      The feature will support both read and write from BPC at real time.


  2. Ondrej Kloucek

    Dear Sibo,


    can I ask you about detail of supported BSP versions from the live connection perspective?

    Is this possible with BPC 10.1 Embedded ?


  3. Sachin Prabhudesai

    Hello Sibo,


    Was the announcement regarding availability made during Sapphire?  Is this feature available on Embedded Planning (1709 S/4 version)?




  4. Sachin Prabhudesai

    Hello Sibo,

    Thanks for your response.

    I was checking  SAC system and didn’t see BPC as system as shown in your blog above (below Setup section).

    Any further direction here?

    When you save available on 1709 can I use plan in SAC and the send the data back in Embedded planning relevant cube (Real or Virtual)?






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