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  1. Henry Banks


    from what WaveXX is this released?   and what version of BPC does the customer need to be on?

    I can’t see any reference to this in the system requirements pages:

    Does this include Write-back workflow?

    regards, H

    1. Sibo Zhang
      Post author

      Hi Henry,

      Thanks for being interested.

      The feature is not released yet. It will be publicly announced in Sapphire.

      The feature will support both read and write from BPC at real time.


  2. Ondrej Kloucek

    Dear Sibo,


    can I ask you about detail of supported BSP versions from the live connection perspective?

    Is this possible with BPC 10.1 Embedded ?


  3. Sachin Prabhudesai

    Hello Sibo,


    Was the announcement regarding availability made during Sapphire?  Is this feature available on Embedded Planning (1709 S/4 version)?




  4. Sachin Prabhudesai

    Hello Sibo,

    Thanks for your response.

    I was checking  SAC system and didn’t see BPC as system as shown in your blog above (below Setup section).

    Any further direction here?

    When you save available on 1709 can I use plan in SAC and the send the data back in Embedded planning relevant cube (Real or Virtual)?





      1. Henry Banks

        Hi Sibo,

        my SAC tenant is on wave 2018.11 but i still don’t see this connection type.   Do you know when we can expect this  in SAC?

        i’m trying to onboard a BPC &  S/4 in HEC customer to SAC, and would rather they don’t go down the ‘import’ option, but use a Live mode to BPC.

        Is there an internal (preview) Note i could get some clues from?

        Many thanks,




  5. abhimanyu sharma

    Hi Zhang,

    Nice Information.

    My requirement is to do planning in SAP analytics for cloud and write back data to ACDOCP table in SAP S/4HANA.

    Could you please let me know if this will be coverered in this release?



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