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Author's profile photo Wouter Lemaire

Transport MTA UI5 apps with Transport Management Service


One of the main missing services of the SAP Cloud Platform is a service that enables you to transport applications between different subaccounts. Till now, you still need to export and import applications which is fine for demo purpose. In real cloud projects, this is not good enough. But SAP is working on a Transport service in SCP for this. Currently this service is in closed beta phase, Boris will add more information about that in the comment at the end of the blog.

In this blog, I want to share my experience on how we used the “Transport Management Service” to transport a UI5 app from one subaccount to another subaccount.

First, you can find all the documentation of this service here:

And this page to get started:

Fabian already created a blog on how to use this service with CPI:


Create MTA app

Before starting with configuring the transport service and transporting apps, we need to create an mtar of the UI5 app. Currently the Transport Service only works with MTA applications on NEO environment. The following blog shows how to put a UI5 app in an MTA app and generate an MTAR file:


Configure your Cloud Environment

We used the transport service to transport IoT apps. We’ve created the apps in the IoT subaccount and created a second subaccount “IoT Demo” to test the transport service. It’s also possible to transport mta apps between more than two subaccounts. We only used two just for testing.

We need the generated names of the subaccounts for later configuration:

  • Adf0781c4
  • Aebb764d9

These two accounts are created in the NEO environment.

Configure the Transport Service

The transport service is running on CloudFoundry. This means we need to create destinations from the CloudFoundry environment (where the service is running) to the NEO subaccounts (where the apps are or will run).

In our test scenario, we had to create two destinations. One for each subaccount.

First destination for the subaccount that represents the DEV environment:

And one for production:

The URL in both destinations is always this for EU with another subaccount:<subaccount>/slp

For example: adf0781c4 adf0781c4/slp

Configure Transport Routes and Nodes

Start by going to the “Transport Management Service”

Instead of creating everything manually, we used the wizard:

First step in the wizard, select the amount of nodes (two in our case):

Give each node a name, description and enable “Allow Import to node”. After that, you’ll be able to select content type and the destination for each subaccount.

We used “Multi-Target Application” as we’re testing with MTA apps.

Also give name for the route between the two nodes:

The next step will take a few seconds but will be all green when finished.

Last step will show an overview of everything that has been created:

Easy, isn’t it?

Start transporting MTA apps

Go to “Transport Nodes” -> Select the development node.

In the “Import queue” select the “Add” button

Select the mtar file and give the transport a description

The transport is now in the list and contains the mtar file:

Select the transport and click on import:

Just click “OK”

It will start loading

The status changes as soon as it’s finished:

The MTAR file is now deployed to the development subaccount. The step of uploading the MTAR directly to the NEO account can now be replaced by the “Transport Management Service”


Now, we can switch to de Production node and import the transport for that subaccount. Go to transport routes and select the production node:

Go to the import queue

The transport that was imported in the Development account is now here in the import queue

Select the transport and click on Import

Just click “OK”:

When the transport is imported into the Production subaccount, the status will become “Succeeded”

Finally, you’ll see the MTA applications in the subaccounts of the nodes:

This shows how we’ll be able to use the Transport Management Service. Soon we can all enjoy this service!


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      Author's profile photo Boris Zarske
      Boris Zarske

      Hi Wouter,

      Thanks a lot for coming up with this blog! As mentioned above, we are currently offering a beta participation for the Transport Management Service, covering the transport of development artifacts in the form of MTA archives (outlined above) and in addition for the transport of SAP Cloud Platform Integration application content.

      If you should be interested in this beta program, please reach out to me and I would be happy to set up a Webinar to outline the beta program to see if it might fit for you.

      Thanks again to Wouter + best regards,

      Author's profile photo Naren Jain
      Naren Jain

      I am trying to configure transport management for UI5 apps. Is there an updated blog or documentation to show the steps for exporting a UI5 app (without creating a MTAR file)




      Author's profile photo Pooja Agrawal
      Pooja Agrawal

      Can we transport from one node to other in CF environment (not NEO)

      Author's profile photo Boris Zarske
      Boris Zarske

      Hello Pooja,

      SAP Cloud Transport Management service does support many scenarios. For example, you can also transport content between CF subaccounts or between subaccounts of SAP BTP, ABAP environment - in addition to the transport of many app-specific content types (for more information, see here).

      For MTA in CF, you could combine the transport with an automated build & test pipeline, such as being executed by SAP Continuous Integration and Delivery service (where you push your changes to a central Git repository, which then automatically triggers the MTA build process and can automatically trigger also a transport). If you want to get a first impression, please look here.

      Or you use SAP Content Agent service to export an application in MTA format and optionally directly trigger a transport in SAP Cloud Transport Management service.

      What you can't do is trigger a transport from Neo to CF.

      Best regards,