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HANA SLT Upgrade and Issues

Recently One of our FMCG client went for support pack upgrade for HANA SLT for DMIS from version SAPK-11609INDMIS to SAPK-11613INDMIS. Same time they had EHP upgrade in ECC and SAP BW on HANA upgraded to 7.5 BW version.

During Upgrade activities,we had around few tables for which Load/replication was blocked in SLT production environment.

Due to this we were getting Dumps in ST22 in our transactional ECC system.

We had replication status was not consistent and this was most likely due to the deletion of the triggers/logging tables. So as we can see some screen shots from SLT cockpit as below.

We performed below steps initially

  1. Go to LTRC-Expert Function -> Reset Status for Triggers and Logging Tables | Select all ” flag’
  2. Go to LTRC-Expert Function-> Reset load and replication status check all flag
  3. Table Overview -> Data Provisioning ->Stop Replication for selected tables-> And then start replication for same table(Without this step we were not able to create tigger and logging tables manually)
  4. Go To processing steps and Create Database Triggers and Logging table for same table and Tables and synonyms
  5. At present  below tables load replication is blocked as shown in below screenshot


ST22 dump is as follows

Suggestions from SAP and internal teams

  • Check if the affected tables are part of a 1:N replication. It is possible because of that, when restarting the replication of the tables, the logging table is not getting recreated correctly.
  • To solve the issue, make sure that the table is stopped in all configurations / the logging table is really deleted and then recreate logging tables and triggers.
  • If you ensure the affected tables have been stopped in all configurations, and the logging table is still not getting deleted, it may be necessary to manually delete it. This can be done by going to tx_IUUC_REMOTE in the source system and executing the Expert Function “Delete Logging Tables”
  • Extra field (MWB_ACCESS) added to table DMC_ANWDG was missing and missing over 20 corrections to DMIS 2011 SP13
  • Check correction notes outlined in section 5 of the central note for SP13 ( 2446237).  install these missing notes through use of the Note Analyzer, available via 2596411 on the SLT and ECC environments.
  • It was also noted that many of the tables in replication have failed on the initial load due to duplicate key error. Follow the steps outlined in 1905253 to resolve this.


Summary Table of SAP Notes which can be referred during SAP HANA SLT Issues are as follows:

KBA/SAP Note Number Note Text
2446237 2446237 Installation/Upgrade SLT – DMIS 2011 SP13
1905253 1905253 Duplicate key error on initial load – SLT
2367568 2367568 SYNTAX_ERROR short dump when click Data Transfer Monitor
2254376 2254376 SLT trigger(s) in an inconsistent state
2596411 2596411 SLT / NZDT (DMIS2011 SP11-SP14; S/4HANA 1610 & 1709) – Note Analyzer
2570052 2570052 Installation/Upgrade SLT – DMIS 2011 SP14
1773689 1773689 How to add logon credentials (S-User ID and password) securely to an incident – SAP ONE Support Launchpad
2559989 Best Practice – How to solve dump LOAD_PROGRAM_TABLE_MISMATCH, which 2 associated SAP KBA notes 1840131and Note1871058  for the root cause.
2204306 Replication has stopped after upgrade of DMIS package
2204955 SLT tables are in status ‘Load /Replication blocked
2367568  SYNTAX_ERROR short dump when click Data Transfer Monitor


Finally issue got fixed with below SAP notes application in HANA SLT Production environment:


2204306 – Replication has stopped after upgrade of DMIS package

2367568 – SYNTAX_ERROR short dump when click Data Transfer Monitor

Post SAP Notes application in the HANA SLT system,below Steps performed to fix the issue

  1. Start replication for those missing SLT Trigger tables
  2. Log into LTRC | MT_ID | ‘Administration Data’ tab | Deactivate all configurations.
  3. Go to transaction SM37 and make sure all SLT jobs are stopped that start with naming convention
  4. /1LT/…..
  5. Log back in to LTRC | Select your configuration or MT_ID | ‘Processing Steps’ tab | ‘Delete Load /Replication Objects’ (this will delete all load/replication objects)
  6. To confirm all objects have been deleted go to the ‘Data Transfer Monitor Tab’ | and all tables should disappear in this tab.
  7. Go back to Processing Steps Tab | Execute ‘Define Load/Replication Object’ for all tables.
  8. Next execute the ‘Generate Runtime Modules’ for all tables.
  9. Next execute the ‘Start Range Calculation’ for all tables
  10. Go back to ‘Data Transfer Monitor’ Tab and you see all the tables back in this tab. Confirm that you see  “X” under the ‘Defined’, ‘Generated’, and ‘Calculated’ for all the tables
  11. Log into LTRC | MT_ID | ‘Administration Data’ tab | Activate all configurations.

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