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Cloud for Service – Social Channels – Submit your Facebook apps for review

The Cloud for Service integration to customer’s Facebook pages occurs via Facebook apps created by the customers. With the recent changes at Facebook, all the customer apps are required to be reviewed by Facebook before they can be used. Customers are responsible for the continuity of apps and its contract with Facebook.

Please refer to the link from Facebook for the app review process.

In the Cloud for Service – Facebook integration, you would have to request for the following permissions – manage_pages, read_page_mailboxes, publish_pages, pages_messaging for your Facebook app.

We do not request for any of the permissions  – “user_friends”, “user_link”, “user_gender”, “user_age_range” that are mentioned in their alert. However, it is advisable to submit your app for review and get the approval.



Cloud for Service – Product Management

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  • Hi Viswajith

    I'm trying to connect our clients Fb page to their C4C. Unfortunately I get this error:

    The way Facebook explains how we should submit our app for review, it's like we can already use the permissions and connect to C4C, such that we can show the standard features e.g. when someone posts or messages the page, C4C will receive as ticket, and C4C can post back when an agent replies. I think they're asking for this. Our assumption is we cannot use this yet as they need to review our permission requests first. Can you enlighten us on what is the correct direction?


    • Hello, Denmar!
      you can try this link in and
      in URL-lin OAuth

      • Hi Andrii

        Thank you for this information.

        I tried both links, first for the redirect URI, second one for the site url.

        Unfortunately, I still got an error message. Though this time, it's a new one. See below.

        Does this mean we have to submit the app first for review?


        • Do not thank, Denmar.
          First issue in gone.
          Now you need to get permission on side Facebook.
 help you little bit.

          I have this nuance now too. If you solve the problem, please re-send me your way


          • Hi,


            I had the same issue with Hybris Marketing, it solved by adding this link at the facebook developers app configuration, on the left side you click on products, facebook login, settings and on valid OAuth Redirect URI's you insert the link.


            You will have to change the "s4hana" part of the link.

            Let me know if it worked.

            Kind Regards,



          • Hi Juan:

            We have a problem with the Facebook review of the app to configure Facebook Campaigns integration with SAP Mktng Cloud.

            Facebook answer to us the following:

            App doesn't have Ads Management Standard Access

            Our records show that the error rate for Ads API calls in the last 30 days by this application is too high. It is required that the application have a sufficiently low error rate before it is approved for Ads API Standard Access. Please review the criteria listed here for more information.

            Can you please help with this issue?


        • Good day,

          I also get that error, I have already sent to Facebook the review of the APP but I have been denied, they tell me that the user must accept the permissions of the APP, but no user gets that permission. That's why I do not accept the review on Facebook.

          Does anyone know what should be done in this case?

          Stay tuned.

          Daniel Cadavid


  • Hi Denmar,

    this link will fix your issue,



    • Hi Keshav

      Thanks for this.

      The article is telling me to disable the "Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs" option though. I cannot because it's set to yes by default and cannot be changed.

      Any thoughts on this? It seems the article is contradicting. First part confirms that the above-mentioned option cannot be changed. The bottom part tells us to disable it, but we cant.

  • Has any1 successfully got Facebook app permission?

    This is such a headache from FB. We want to test the integration and see if it can be utilised for connecting the users i.e our customers but nothing productive now.


  • Hi Viswajith,

    I am also trying to connect our clients Fb page  by creating new App for SAP C4C.

    please assist or provide document on in Creating new App and link/connect to existing Client Facebook page.

    Thanks in Advance.



  • Hi ,


    I am trying to connect to Twitter through my C4C but facing error as mentioned below (when tryieng to “connect with channel” .


    Could anybody pls help out for the necessary.


    Thanks & Regards