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SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SPS 07: What’s New, Improved, and Now Available – of Course!

When I read about SAP Solution Manager 7.2 upgrades in the newly-available Support Pack Stack (SPS) 07, my first reaction was, “Ah, of course! How did people function without that before?” But those are the best innovations, right? For example, what would I do without my waffle iron? Put waffles in the microwave? Never eat waffles again?

As one of those “of course” SPS 07 additions, the integration scenario Requirements Management to Release Deployment now maps out processes spanning from creating a solution to executing manual test cases. To make it even easier, you can navigate the scenario’s interactive graphic to follow connections between Release Management, Project Management, Requirements Management, and others.

Similarly, you can find a bundle of SPS 07 improvements and new features. I believe this intern in the picture has catalogued them all! You can quickly browse through “what’s new” topics and explore the tables’ additional links for more detailed information.

Of course, SPS 07 also goes hand in hand with upgraded documentation. Application help delivers user-friendly instructions and concept explanations of the latest innovations. Not to mention the embedded get-smart-quick how-to videos (1-3 minutes long) for specific functions throughout. My personal favorite, designed for Solution Documentation’s process modeling editor, features a comprehensive graphic appendix of diagram icons (and all their possible variations) as an easy repeat reference.

Lucky for us, we don’t have to imagine life without waffles. And SPS 07 seeks to make life with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 even easier. Also, discover every newly-available SAP Fiori advancement packed in its latest stack: SAP Fiori 1.0 for SAP Solution Manager SPS 06.

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  • Hi Johan


    Thanks for your posts about SPS8 = GR8! We soon will update from SPS5 to SPS8.

    On your SPS8 blog you linked the What´s New in SPS8 slide deck ( This PDF can be found on SolMan support page too.

    Unfortunately I cannot find the same slide decks for SPS6 &  SPS7. I know there is a text list of features for each Support Package ( but I like the visual touch of these slides.


    Are you able to point me to these hidden gems??


    Best regards



      No problem, Lennart. We just have to dive deep into the archive mountain, pick out these gems, and dust them off for you. We have to create these slide decks. We're already working on gathering the information together and providing a link for you.