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There have been several questions around how to connect your Android device’s SAP Mobile Cards application. We are simplifying these steps in our upcoming release, but I wanted to share the details of how it works today.
Presuming you already have the SAP Mobile Cards app installed on your device, but it’s good to check you have the latest version:
Onboarding with a registration link is generally straightforward: the user taps on the link from his or her smartphone, and the app launches with various values filled in automatically. The user then taps the Register button, and the app guides the user through the onboarding process.

Administrators can get the registration link from the APIs tab of Mobile Cards in Admin UI.

The current versions of Mobile Cards for iOS and Android use slightly different registration links. These differences stem from the differences in how Android and iOS allow users to interact with links.

The information that these links give to Mobile Cards is identical. As such, given the registration link for one platform, an administrator can derive the registration link for the other. iOS links start with ““; Android links start with “https://mobilecards/“. The text following these prefixes is the same in both platforms’ registration links.

For example, if the iOS registration link is

The Android registration link would be


This simple prefix replacement is valid for all Android and iOS registration links. *Make sure you replace the serverURL= with your own instance of server.

These links give Mobile Cards the server URL and OAuth client ID. For Cloud Foundry accounts, these links also give Mobile Cards the OAuth endpoint. It’s not generally necessary for users to know these values; when the user launches Mobile Cards by tapping on the registration link, the app will fill in these values automatically.

However, if necessary, administrators can find these values in Admin UI. The APIs tab shows the server URL, and the Security screen shows the client ID and redirect URL. The redirect URL is the OAuth endpoint.

Users and administrators generally don’t need to know the details of registration links, but these details can help with troubleshooting during onboarding.

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  1. Stephen Kringas


    Thanks for the tip re the Android URL to default the Server/OAuth detail.

    Still having issues with the Android registration using v18.3.3 (both in SCP Trial & AP1 environments) –

    I’ve followed the Mobile Card FAQ but with not luck. Is this a known issue?

    The iOS registration works fine.





    1. Matt Carrier
      Post author

      It turns out there is an issue with the client logging check on initial device registration. For the short term if you go into the SAP Mobile Cards Administration area > Client Policies and Enable Logging >  Select. Click save and reconnect.


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