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  • Creation of URL mashup:
  • Navigate to Administrator WoC -> Business Flexibility WoC View.
  • Click on Mashup authoring.
  • Click on the ‘New’ button. Create a new URL Mashup with the following configuration.
  • Mashup Category – Business & Finance
  • Port Binding – Marketing Permission Port
  • Give a Mashup Name that you want to display over the URL. For Ex. Edit Permissions and Subscriptions.
  • Provide a URL as per the Integrated hybris system.

Format for the URL:







For eg: if the integrated Hybris system is CC2-352.

Note: Fill any dummy value in the URL for ‘InteractionContactID’ in the above URL.




  • Once the URL is added click on the ‘Extract Parameters’ button that comes up besides the URL.
  • In the request parameters table, remove the constant value for the ‘InteractionContactID’ row and add a parameter binding for it.

Click on the selection which appears besides the Parameter Binding column and select ‘InteractionContactID’ entry.





Activate the mashup and save it.


  • Adding the URL Mashup to the Customer Marketing Permission screens.
  • Navigate to Administrator WoC -> Business Flexibility WoC View.
  • Click on Mashup authoring.
  • Navigate to the Customer(Account, Contact, Individual Customer) Marketing Permission screens for which you want to add the URL mashup.
  • As the section where the URL mashup is embedded is ‘personalized hidden’ enable it using the Adaptation Mode.


  • Once you enter the Adaptation Mode, a ‘plus’ button appears on the top right corner.
  • Click on it. Click on the ‘Add section’ link.


  • Check the visibility of the ‘General’ section and click on apply.
  • A new section would appear with header ‘General’ above the tables
  • Hover over the ‘General’ section. Click on the ‘Plus’ button.


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  1. Oliver Schultze

    Dear Ajitabh, 

    thank you for this nice blog. We have tried to do this in our system. Anyway the marketing permissions are not shown in C4C:

    When klicking on the Hyperlink in C4C we are routet correctly to the customer (so URL should be OK):

    Do we have to do some more integration work so the current yM Permissions are shown directly in C4C?

    The Mashup is configured in the following manner:





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