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Setup Marketing Permissions URL Mashup within SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

  • Creation of URL mashup:
  • Navigate to Administrator WoC -> Business Flexibility WoC View.
  • Click on Mashup authoring.
  • Click on the ‘New’ button. Create a new URL Mashup with the following configuration.
  • Mashup Category – Business & Finance
  • Port Binding – Marketing Permission Port
  • Give a Mashup Name that you want to display over the URL. For Ex. Edit Permissions and Subscriptions.
  • Provide a URL as per the Integrated hybris system.

Format for the URL:







For eg: if the integrated Hybris system is CC2-352.

Note: Fill any dummy value in the URL for ‘InteractionContactID’ in the above URL.




  • Once the URL is added click on the ‘Extract Parameters’ button that comes up besides the URL.
  • In the request parameters table, remove the constant value for the ‘InteractionContactID’ row and add a parameter binding for it.

Click on the selection which appears besides the Parameter Binding column and select ‘InteractionContactID’ entry.





Activate the mashup and save it.


  • Adding the URL Mashup to the Customer Marketing Permission screens.
  • Navigate to Administrator WoC -> Business Flexibility WoC View.
  • Click on Mashup authoring.
  • Navigate to the Customer(Account, Contact, Individual Customer) Marketing Permission screens for which you want to add the URL mashup.
  • As the section where the URL mashup is embedded is ‘personalized hidden’ enable it using the Adaptation Mode.


  • Once you enter the Adaptation Mode, a ‘plus’ button appears on the top right corner.
  • Click on it. Click on the ‘Add section’ link.


  • Check the visibility of the ‘General’ section and click on apply.
  • A new section would appear with header ‘General’ above the tables
  • Hover over the ‘General’ section. Click on the ‘Plus’ button.


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  • Dear Ajitabh, 

    thank you for this nice blog. We have tried to do this in our system. Anyway the marketing permissions are not shown in C4C:

    When klicking on the Hyperlink in C4C we are routet correctly to the customer (so URL should be OK):

    Do we have to do some more integration work so the current yM Permissions are shown directly in C4C?

    The Mashup is configured in the following manner:




  • Hi Oliver,

    I am able to add URL mashup but our requirement is to display them in C4C.

    Could you please help me with the steps to display Hybris marketing permissions in C4C instead of navigating to Hybris marketing.



  • I am getting below attached error when we clicked on preview of URL mashup:

    Could you please tell us what is the missing lead in between?