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Author's profile photo Alexander Bundschuh

Customer Engagement Initiative projects in 2018 for SAP Process Orchestration

Dear friends of SAP Process Integration and SAP Process Orchestration,

SAP will run two Customer Engagement Initiative (CEI) projects for SAP Process Orchestration in the second cycle of the feedback initiative. The Customer Engagement Initiative is an influence program which provides you with early insight into new development topics. You have the chance to be an early adopter of our new developments around SAP Process Orchestration providing feedback, input and ideas at early stages of the development process. Check out the customer influence and feedback page at for more details about the influence programs and especially the CEI program.

For SAP Process Orchestration, the two following projects have been started and are currently (from 15th of May 2018 until 17th of June 2018) open for registration. On the influence page, you can scroll down to the CEI section, and select the link Log in to view current projects. From there you can access all running and open projects. Search for the two projects below, or simply directly click on the links that I provide below.

Test tool in SAP Process Orchestration

SAP plans to provide a new tool shipped as part of SAP Process Orchestration for the testing of message processing. Goal is to reduce the test effort by supporting automatic testing. The test tool should cover the maintenance and life-cycle of test cases, the collection of test data, the injection of test messages, test result statistics as well as possibilities to compare the outcome of the test run with the expected result. We received feedback from many customers that this capability is one of the missing key capabilities in SAP Process Integration/SAP Process Orchestration, this is also reflected in the regular survey that the International Focus Group for Application Integration carry out, so there is a huge demand from customer side.

For logistic reasons, we restricted this project for customers in EMEA region only.

Direct link at (logon required)

B2B/EDI enhancements in SAP Process Integration, business-to-business add-on

The SAP Process Integration, business-to-business add-on provides B2B/EDI capabilities and can be deployed on either SAP Process Integration or SAP Process Orchestration. SAP has shipped a new SP with new B2B capabilities in November 2017, and continues its investment. It is planned to ship a new release 2.0 of the B2B add-on by end of 2018. A first backlog grooming has been carried out already based on customer requirements from the previous customer connect project which covers core B2B/EDI capabilities. We have decided not to run a further customer connect project in near future since we have collected enough customer requirements in the previous project, and instead collect customer feedback and more details to the concrete requirements via this project.

This project is targeted at customers and partners who have a strong knowledge in B2B/EDI, and ideally already use the B2B add-on.

Direct link a (logon required)

So, if you are interested in either or even both of the projects, and would like to contribute to shape those product features, feel free to register.


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      Author's profile photo Fatih Pense
      Fatih Pense

      Great news, Alexander!

      Congrats SAP for the support and improvement of the critical PI/PO solution. Automatic testing with cases was a missing feature and I wonder new B2B features. I think PO is the best on-premise integration system. However, it can be better!

      I think one CEI should be open all the time for little UI/UX problems and ideas. Especially for Eclipse perspectives. Sometimes we encounter UI bugs, sometimes it is small but valuable feature ideas.

      I told our team of eleven PO consultants about these two CEIs. We are excited and eager to give feedback.

      Best regards,

      Author's profile photo Maximiliano Colman
      Maximiliano Colman

      Hi Alex,

      What is the status of “B2B/EDI enhancements in SAP Process Integration, business-to-business add-on”?, Will we see it soon?, Could you share something of the project like screenshots?.


      Kind Regards.


      Author's profile photo Alexander Bundschuh
      Alexander Bundschuh
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Max,

      the new b2b add-on release is planned to be shipped by end of Nov if it passes Q gate

      Unfortunately, as long as we haven't shipped, I can't share any screenshots, so you need to be patient


      Author's profile photo Maximiliano Colman
      Maximiliano Colman

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for the quick response, I hope to see some OData service and SAPUI5 apps for TPM and why not a nice dashboard for monitoring ( I’m currently working on that for the latest version of B2B add-on ) 🙂


      Kind Regards.