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Prerequisites for SAP BYD Google Route Planner Mashup

The Google Route Planner is a custom mashup available in BYD HTML5 Client.

Below are the prerequisites to leverage Google Route Planner Mashup in the BYD:

  • Procure google maps API Key from Google.
  • Enable the below three Google services for the procured API Key:
    1. Google Maps JavaScript API
    2. Google Maps Geocoding API
    3. Google Maps Directions API
  • Enter the API Key into Google Route Planner Mashup.
  • Add the mashup to the BYD Route planning screen.
  • Grant permission to access the device location – for BYD mobile google route planner.

Procure google maps API Key from Google

1. Log into Google API Developer Console

2. Click on Credentials from the left pane:


3. Create a new project:


4. Once the project is created, select API Key under create credentials menu button:


5. The generated API key will be used with Google Route Planner custom mashup:


Enable Google services for the API Key

6. Post successful creation of API Key, click on Library from the left pane to activate 3 of the google maps services.

7. Search for “Google Maps JavaScript API” from google library and enable the same.


8. Repeat the above step for the below APIs as well:
a.    Google Maps Geocoding API
b.    Google Maps Directions API

9. The list of enabled APIs will be displayed in the dashboard.


Enter the API Key into Google Route Planner Mashup

10. Login to the BYD HTML5 client.

11. Select Mashup Authoring from Application and User management work center:


12. Select Custom Mashups from the filter dropdown:


13. Select Google Maps from the list and click “Enter API Keys” button:


14. Click on Show API Key button and Enter the Google API key in the API Key value and press enter to save the key:


Add the mashup to the BYD Route planning screen

15. Goto Field Service and repair > Order Pipeline View. Select any order and click on Route Planning Button:


16. Enter into adaptation mode. Add the “Embedded Route Planner (” mashup to the route planning screen. Save and publish the changes.


17. Stop Adaptation mode and you should be able to see the embedded google route planner.

Grant permission to access the device location – for BYD mobile google route planner

18. When accessing the mobile route planner for the first time, a prompt requesting permission to access the device location will appear. Select “Allow” in the prompt to grant permission to access the device location information.


All set now! Go ahead and start planning your route using BYD google route planner  🙂

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  • Thank you Divya for this great explanation!

    I follow your instructions, the mashup is activated but I can't find it in the adaptation mode: the pop up window "available mashup for this screen" remains empty. I can not find the one I've created


    Do you know if there is something more to activate? or something I missed?




      Hi Thibaut,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Google Route Planner mashup is available only in the Route planning view. Please click on the “Route Planning Button” from the Order Pipeline OWL  (refer the below image) and enter adaptation mode from the Route Planning View to see the Google Route Planner mashup in mashup dialog.

      Hope this helps.

      Kind Regards,




  • Hi Divya,

    Thanks for this great explanation!

    I followed your instructions and done all the steps. but when i open the Route Planning(Map page), i'm getting an error "Google directions request failed due to: OVER_QUERY_LIMIT".

    can you help to solve the error.



    • Hi Anantharaj,

      This feature requires Google Maps JavaScript API which is limited to 1 map load per day when using non billable plan in your Google Account.

      If you wish to increase the limits, you need to enable billing for your project in your Google developer account here: