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Flexible Workflow for Purchase Order and PO to Invoicing Process in S/4HANA Cloud

# Purpose

In this blog we would see how to build a flexible workflow for purchase order in S/4HANA Cloud. Further we would also see purchase order to supplier invoicing process.


# Flexible workflow for purchase order

Step1: Activate Flexible Workflow for Purchase Orders

Make settings that are relevant for working with purchase orders.


When working with purchase orders you can, for example, use the flexible workflow, enabling you to optimize the approval process. The flexible workflow allows you to use either the automatic, one-step, or even multi-step approval. It is available for purchase orders.

You can also maintain the shipping data for plants. You must assign a customer number to the plant to be able to use the plant in stock transfer processing.


In this process you activate workflow against your purchase order document type. We will activate against document type NB.

Manage your Solution App –> Configure Your Solution –> Purchase order processing

Configure – Activate Flexible Workflow for Purchase Orders

Select your Purchase Order Type and Select against Scenario Based Workflow and after just save it.


Step 2: Manage Workflows for Purchase Orders

In this step, you configure your release conditions for Purchase Order Approval.

Choose – Add

You can add many preconditions as shown below

Step Sequence: Click Add


User: You can assign multiple user ID

You can add further condition if you wish.


Click Add

Click Save

Now Click Activate

Now You have successfully created and activated workflow


# Purchase order to Supplier Invoice Process

Step 1: Create Purchase Order (with Manage Purchase Order App)         

You can create PO in any currency system will automatically convert amount into workflow managed currency based on maintained exchange rate.

Click + sign


Click + sign

Put detail and click on Detail (Yellow marked)

Fill other details like cost center etc.

Click – Apply

Click – Order (it will generate purchase order)

Step 2: Approve Purchase Order (Inbox-All Items)

Approve the PO



Note1: You can also Forward Approval process to someone else (Forward) and you can also Reserve approval process in case there are multiple approvers for the same item (Claim)


Substitute Approver (to manage things in your absence)

Path: My Inbox -All Items App –> Me Area –> Manage My Substitutes –> Add New Substitute (You can do so for Planned or Unplanned)

Step 3: Goods Receipt with Post Goods Receipt for Purchase Order App



Step 4: Display Material Document with Material Document Overview App

You can also take print out of GR Document

Item –> Detail

Accounting Document Overview

Click Manage Journal Entries

Step 5: Invoice Verification with Create Supplier Invoice App

In this process, you create the supplier invoice with PO/GR relation. You have two options to create the supplier invoice:

Choose Option A: Create Supplier Invoice with PO/GR relation.

Choose Option B: Create Supplier Invoice with PO/GR relation (with Invoice Reduction)

Check –> Simulate –> Post

Note: Invoice reduction functionality is like On-Premise, here also system one material document and two accounting documents.


Learn > Share > Grow

Lot more to come. Stay tuned.


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  • Thanks Shakeel for the great blog. One small question do we have flexibility of BADI available while triggering the workflow same like when you are determining the recipients? I am asking this question since in our ECC workflow we make use of Check Function module to add programming based checks




  • Hi,

    Thanks Shakeel for the great blog, i have question about flexible workflow

    How we cancel this workflow in transaction “purchase Order ” advance, so user can edit this PO?

    is it standart behavior, if Po in “awaiting Approval , user cannot change/ edit this document?



  • Just few questions of understanding related to Flexible Workflow (S/4 on premises 1809) :

    a. What is the purpose of the workflow “Automatic Release of Purchase Order” (Content delivered by SAP)?

    b. Should this item be activated?

    c. What order position should be reserved for this item in normal operations?

    d. Is IMG “Activate Flexible Workflow for Purchase Orders” THE reason why a PO receives the status “In Approval” although non of actual Flexible WF meets the criteria for it to be released? If so, how to “repair/adjust” such PO so it is not lost?

    e. How can we change a PO “In Approval”?

    f. Is Flexible WF a mutually exclusive alternative to release strategy with classification, therefore none of the settings for the latter are required for the former to work properly?

  • great blog.

    I have a question please , I have tried to access ‘manage your solution ‘ through Sap fiori  but I got the below attached Error


    Kindly any advice regarding the error , our system is 1709 S/4 Hana (on premise) SP2





  • Hello, amazing new features!

    I am trying to implement a PO rel strategy on a 1809 cloud FA instance, but when I open the “Manage Your Solution” app, I get this message and can’t figure out any way out of it… can you help? Thanks!

  • Hi Shakeel,


    Thanks so much for the blog,  I would like to know , flexible workflow is alternative to traditional release strategy or it can work in parallel.

    Is this available in 1709 on premise?


    Thanks so much in advance

  • Hi Shakeel


    We have a requirement to setup a Workflow Approval for post “Vendor Creation” in S/4HANA Cloud.

    There isn’t any Flexible Workflow available. Would like to check with you if there is any other option to setup this workflow in S/4HANA Cloud (In-App Extensibility)?

    The only other option we found so far is through Side by Side extensibility using SAP Cloud Platform.

    What are the options we have to create workflows in S/4HANA Cloud when we don’t have a Flexible workflow provided by SAP?