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Featured Blog Contributors – March & April 2018

I am delighted to recognize the next collection of Featured Blog Contributors for March and April 2018! It is my pleasure to share these posts you may have missed, since they are contributed by non-employee and non-Mentor community members. We select the posts based on a combination of factors, including quality indicators and traffic analytics.

And now that missions have launched, the recognition comes with a Featured Contributor badge (also uploaded for the contributors recognized for January and February; it may take a few minutes to see it in each profile). Enjoy!

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    • Nice to have you back contributing so actively, Nabheet. Keep up the great contributions! I enjoyed reading your blockchain post, which led me to your openSAP ABAP Unit Test course, which I also learned a lot from.

  • Thank you for this award and special thanks for the work you do for us, Caroleigh. I hope many community members had a lot of fun with. Not to forget: Congratulations to all featured blog contributors 🙂

    • You're another admired repeat, Michael! Keep up the good work and fun ideas - your I Heart ABAP blog generated such creative responses, I really enjoyed what you and the community came up with (especially  Enno Wulff 's dedication to Stefan Schnell ). So clever.

    • I enjoyed reading how your plugin iterated and improved based on feedback from the community! Great collaboration. Looking forward to your next post.

  • Thanks from me as well for including my post in this list, Caroleigh - much appreciated!

    Looks as if I'll have to find/make time to (re)read some of the other featured blogs you found and highlighted for this post!




  • Ohh! Do I get credit for my February blog, "SAP Enterprise Support: Show Of Hands"??  🙂



    • Hi Peter, thank you for sharing your blog post here. While it is a good one, we recognized the posts published in January and February already in March.

      Your "Show of Hands" approach is engaging, hopefully more people will read it and share their experiences taking advantage of SAP's support tools and services, or perspective on why they are not taking advantage of them.

      I hope you will keep contributing and sharing your experiences.

  • Caroleigh Deneen Thanks a lot for the mention!

    Wow - i should visit our community forum more often (didn't have that much time to do anything except from University stuff) - it's been couple of month since i received this badge of honour.

    Thanks a lot and much appreciated!!