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The Secrets of Business Partners in S/4 HANA Series 8/8

Welcome to Series – 8: Creation of Supplier Master Data


This blog is focused on Configuration of Business Partners in S/4 HANA

The reason to create this blog is, I encountered difficulties in the customizing of Business Partners during the implementation of S/4HANA OP1610.


This blog covers the concepts of:

1. Introduction

2 .ECC Accounts Receivables & Accounts Payables  Configuration Steps.

3. Cross Application Components  for Business Partners in S/4 HANA

4. Customer & Vendor Integration (CVI)

5. Creation of Customer & Vendor Master using T – Code: BP

This concept needs better explanation so designed in 8 Series (links)

Series – 1: ECC Accounts Payable Configuration

Series – 2: ECC Accounts Receivables Configuration

Series – 3: Cross Application Components  for Business Partners

Series – 4: Cross Application Components  for Business Partners

Series – 5: Customer & Vendor Integration (CVI)

Series – 6:Customer & Vendor Integration (CVI)

Series – 7: Creation of Customer Master Data using T – Code: BP

Series – 8:  Creation of  Vendor Master using T – Code: BP



1.Project Managers

2. SAP Consultants


Business Partner: Vendor-Creation Procedure

 T- Code:  BP

Click on 


Click on Drop Down of Create in BP Role as shown in below screen Shot 

Select 1611 Domestic Vendors,

Once you select, you will get the pop up screen as shown below

Click on

You can observe that options like Company code, Purchasing and Relationships are displayed in the yellow highlighter

Select 1611 Local Vendors for Grouping Field

Make the entries as mentioned below 

Scroll Down and fill the required fields

Click on

Select your company Code 1611 as shown in the below screen shot

Click on

Click on the Drill Down of Reconciliation Acct as shown below

Select GL Account 100000 – Trades Payable Domestic

Maintain the entries as shown below in the screen shot

Click on

Maintain the “Payment Terms “as shown below in the screen shot

Click on   which is at lower header Level



Select 1611 – Purchasing Organization from Drill Down Button


Click on

Click on 

You will see this Msg at bottom of the Screen 

Once you get this msg

Click on

Business Partner Number  


This is the end of Series – 8 of Creation of Supplier Master Data using T-Code: BP and end of ” The secrets of Business Partners in S/4 HANA


I want to make it clear that what I mentioned in the configuration is just an examples to understand the concepts and their connection points.

Pls check the first series note as mentioned there very clearly.


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  • I appreciate the way of explanation and style of writing. It’s very nice and would be great if you make some videos along with the explanation on it and publish.It helped me in clear understanding and save time from reading hundreds of pages on this concept.

  • Hello Srinivas,!

    Excellent & It's a great quick read, I have been lucky to read this blog at my first implementation on S/4 HANA. And this quick read is something I enjoyed a lot. For folks really planning to implement S/4 HANA this would be a really great gift.


  • Hello Srinivas,

    I am following the complete blog series, its very informative and greatly presented.

    Especially the configuration of CVI made it very clear.

    It's very helpful to the consultants who are the new to S/4 HANA implementation.

  • Hello Srinivas,

    Excellent way of designing this blog and appreciate the content.

    Most of the blogs are in overview but this blog is in detail.

    Excellent author skills.

  • Hi Srinivas,

    It's one of the best and high volume series in the SCN.

    Following your whole series of this S/4 HANA blogs which is very informative.