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SAP S/4HANA Capability & Value Discovery Gamification Approach for Customers & Partners

Welcome to SAP S/4HANA Discovery Card Game : 

Last Updated: Nov 21, 2019


Use SAP S/4HANA Discovery Card Game as an experiential learning vehicle to accelerate solution awareness, innovation adoption (innovation map), and business value (value map) discovery for our customers while promoting fun, empathy, and teamwork in your engagements.

Introducing the new enhanced “S/4HANA Discovery Card Game” with its own Game Boards for each line of business.  Play today to demystify S/4HANA with your team and give us your feedback:

Just Released: “SAP S/4HANA Discovery Card Game” with its own Game Boards: (photos below)


Few photos for our Blog readers from SAPPHIRE & other SAP/Partner/Customer Events: 

S/4HANA Cards Game launched at SAPPHIRE 2019 in Orlando USA

S/4HANA Cards Game bring played by a group of brave SAP XME leaders at NA XME workshop, June 27 2019. Thanks to SAP NA Chief Innovation Office for hosting the event.

Audience patiently watching to see what the brave group of XME leaders come up with as final game deliverables, NA XME Workshop, June 27, 2019 Thanks to SAP NA Chief Innovation Office for hosting the event.

S/4HANA Cards Game Hands-On Workshop with Industry, Solution, XME, and Partner teams by Bill Bowers in Singapore on Sep 11, 2019



Background why we created this approach for our customers & partners:

In traditional approach, customers are bored to death by powerpoint & have a very short attention span, losing interest in presentation after the first 5 minutes & absorb not more than 25 % of information presented in the session. There is no tangible take-always for the customer.

Questions to ask yourself?

  • Are your customers struggling to grasp all the different innovations in S/4 and how it applies to their business?
  • Are you interested in a new and engaging way to convey the value of S/4 to your customers?
  • Are you and your customers suffering from powerpoint fatigue?

 Target Audience:

  • Customers
    • net-new (Traditional/ECC customers looking to move to S/4HANA)
    • existing S/4HANA customers (who want to learn about latest S/4HANA innovations/release & build their roadmap)
  • Partners
  • Field XME Vas, Presales, Sales, CEEs (internal enablement)

When to play the game:

  • Net New customers – During the initial discovery phase in deal cycle (stage D) – after the lead is converted into a S/4HANA opportunity and before the customer jumps into solutioning phase. Executive buy in -> LoB Passover !
  • Existing customers – On every new S/4HANA release for continuous learning or on demand basis when they want to update their S/4HANA  roadmap
  • Partners & field enablement  – On demand continous learning cycle & new releases

Game Versions: Available in both Physical & Digital versions

S/4HANA versions: Both OP & Cloud

Game Videos: 

Digital game Video:

Physical Game Video:

Digital Game Access Link: To be published soon (awaiting production instance)

Duration of Cards Game: 60 – 90 Mins/LoB. The game can be played in parallel for each LoB in different rooms with respective LoB teams (Finance, Procurement, Sales etc)

Cards Game Components: 

Game Inputs: 

The Game has 2 main components: Game Boards & Game Cards.

  1. Game Boards: Each of the line of business has its own Game Board for example Finance game board, Procurement game board, Manufacturing, Sales & so on…. (few photos below)


2. Game Cards – There are 2 types of cards: ‘Capability’ & ‘Value’ Cards.

 Capability Cards – which contains solution capability related information as shown below. Also, contains a QR code to the demo of the capability.




Value Cards – Contains business value related information of the respective capability as shown below.



Game Process – How to Play the Game: 

1.Shuffle & distribute the cards

2.Roll the dice, move the pawn & land on a capability

3.Identify card owners of capability

4.The owners read out the capability & value information to the team

5.Team discusses business relevancy, value drivers, implementation time line & owner (optional) for this capability.

6.Tag the capability accordingly on the Game Board & Innovation map

7.Tag the value drivers on Value Map

8.Repeat steps 2-7 until entire Game Board is tagged accordingly

9.Build your S/4HANA Value Calculator Biz Case

10.Review game outcomes Innovation Map. Value Map & Value Calculator Biz Case with leadership

Game Outputs: 



Actual Customer Pilot Output Shown below:  Current + Rolling 3 Qtr Customer Roadmap

As you can see below, on the left side, the customer has built a Current + 3 Rolling Quarter Roadmap for himself where each & every scope item item in the future has a team member assigned as its owner. On the right side, they also have identified the ‘Not Relevant’ scope items.

I have translated the above table into a simpler tabular format for your easier understanding.

  • Items highlighted in Yellow were completely new to the customer & the customer is now having weekly review of these results and engaging with SAP to implement few of these innovations which are relevant to their business.

  • The Head of Procurement gave the feedback that “The Cards game approach was fun & engaging. They got 100% team participation & the entire team stayed till the end. They uncovered a lot of new scope items & have identified the new scope items they want to implement. This saved them atleast 2 weeks of time & now they have a clear roadmap on what they want to focus on. They would love the play the game for the new scope items in the next release”.

Key take-aways for customers, partners & field:

  • Enablement on S/4HANA solution capabilities, innovation by Lines of Business (LoB) & business areas
  • Learn the delta / incremental value & capabilities offered by S/4HANA over traditional systems like ECC
  • Value discovery (explore value drivers and value levers with rationale at a solution capability level)
  • Operational roadmap (create tangible outputs while you learn by creating your operational roadmap with identification of relevant capabilities, value drivers, time line & owner for your roadmap)
  • Highlight the S/4HANA + integrations wherever available and additionally priced commercial information
  • Call out the top S/4HANA innovations/differentiators (New/Enhanced in S/4HANA vs ECC)
  • Map the capabilities on a maturity scale based on the features of Intelligent ERP

Physical Game Cards Download Instructions: Please download the Game User Manual & Game Cards from our S/4HANA Customer Value JAM page LINK or SAP ACTIVATE portal LINK

Physical Game Cards Print Instructions: After download, please use following instructions to print the game cards

  • Please print double-sided color copies of attached PDF on 100 pt glossy cardstock paper.
  • Trim to crop marks and cut into quarters.
  • Finished product to equal  3.75″ wide by 5″ high full bleed cards.
  • 4 cards per sheet.

Game Related S/4HANA Content we recommend for you: 

  • If you don’t have time to play the Game but would like to understand & discover the S/4HANA innovative capabilities by different personas, check out the content in our S/4HANA Customer Value Jam page LINK

  • If you want to dig a bit deeper and understand how you start on this S/4HANA Journey? What are your decision points & most importantly Why? We present you the S/4HANA Adoption Guide from actual S/4HANA Customers examples LINK


Game Credits:

  • Executive Sponsor:  Uwe Grigolet , Head of S/4HANA Solution Management Group.
  • Core Game Creators: Bill Bowers, Saurabh Suman Choudhuri, Dmitry Melnik, Chris Mahony, Sophia Filaktou, Abhishek Chaudhari & Sahara Yilmaz
  • Supporting Teams for foundational S/4HANA content & reviews :
  • NA Eric Stine’s Chief Innovation Office – Pank Kapur
  • GTM team – Ulrike Raidl (Ulrike – Supply Chain, Noboru – Procurement, Christian – Manufacturing, Vivian – Sales)
  • Finance team – Martin Naraschewski & Randy Garrisson
  • S/4HANA Presales Teams – Hans Kroes, Andrew Marti
  • S/4HANA CEEs/CSMs Teams – Luis Orama
  • Global XME Team – Aditi Chhaya (Abhishek, Simran, Vikas, Sonal, Priya, Piyush, Praveen)
  • S/4HANA PM NA – Marco Valencia
  • S/4HANA Activate team – Daniel Ciecko, Dr. Petra Kloess & Lauren,
  • Enablement Teams – Tracy Rodgers &  Geraldine ODonnell
  • S/4HANA Marketing – Katie Moser & Hanna Repp
  • SAP Graphics – Stephanie & Matt
  • Andreas Muno – S/4HANA Ariba Integration
  • Anila Bishop (CEE, RSG pilot)
  • BSR 2.0 Team – Wassilios, Thomas & Steffan

The game is a result of the close partnership with multiple SAP teams who have supported us behind the scenes to build the foundational content required to create this game. Thank you all for your support, guidance, and encouragement.

Please give us your valuable feedback, comments:

Thanks for taking time for reading this blog. Please let us know your valuable feedback on what you think about our Gamification approach & what are the scenarios where you would love to pilot this scenario.

Contact Information: If you are interested, please drop an email to any of us –,, ,,; & we will get back to you in 48 hours (2 business days). Thank you.

Please let us know if you have any questions/clarifications.

Hope you Play & Enjoy the Game, Discover S/4HANA & its possibilities with your Customers & Partners.

Spread the word & show us some LOVE !

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  • Thank you Saurabh. It’s very impressive for me to understand. I have question. Did you do this Review/Discovery Cards Game Approach with your Customers during Preparation step of Roadmap? or Explore step?

    • Thank you Kyungmo, glad your liked it. The Cards game can be played in either phase & is flexible. The only pre-requisite being that the customer should have the LoB teams in place & resources assigned (preferable) so that inputs can be taken. The game can also be played only for the newly released scope items every quarter for education & awareness and initing deeper discussions. Use this to break the ice with your customers.

        • Hi Junaid, yes you are right. We are seeing great pull from the customers & partners to use the game in the discovery phase for learning about the new innovations & check the relevancy of the capabilities at a high level. That being said, there are few existing customers who are also using the game in explore or later stages for re-evaluating their existing landscape & create innovation maps.  We are pleasantly surprised to see multiple use cases driven by customers. Please let us know how your customers use the Cards game in their organization.

    • Hi Manoj, thanks for your interest & reaching out. The S/4HANA digital cards game is ready in Dev. instance but waiting production instance & GDPR / Legality approval for external usage. Expecting Digital go-live in October. Will keep you posted !