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Announcing: Switch over to SAP Web IDE Full-Stack

The current version of SAP Web IDE will no longer be available as of December 31, 2018.

We introduced the enhanced version of SAP Web IDE a year ago: SAP Web IDE Full-Stack. At that time, we suggested that you use each version for different needs (SAP Web IDE for Fiori and SAP Web IDE Full-Stack for Full stack development e.g. see the SAP Web IDE Versions blog) until we consolidate the versions into one.

Today, we are happy to announce that the SAP Web IDE Full-Stack version is ready for you to use for all needs. It is a more scalable version which supports both front end and backend development including a build process, abstraction layers for ease of development and much more…With this we can provide the ability to develop Fiori, Full stack, Mobile, IoT and additional scenarios.

Moving forward, we will focus our our efforts in SAP Web IDE Full-Stack version, so we recommend to switch over to SAP Web IDE Full-Stack and start enjoying our improvements.

So, what do you do with the projects you have in SAP Web IDE?

You should migrate your projects to SAP Web IDE Full-Stack by December 31, 2018! The current SAP Web IDE will no longer be available after that date. 

The migration process is very simple and will only take a few minutes. To provide you with the best experience, we have a wizard which will seamlessly guide you through the process. There are also tutorials, videos, and documentation to help you.

Next time you open SAP Web IDE you will see an invitation to try out the new version .
So go ahead! Click the button, move your projects to SAP Web IDE Full-Stack and start using the new capabilities and improvements that are available in this version.

SAP Web IDE Full-Stack is included in your SAP Web IDE license. There is no need to purchase other licenses in order to use SAP Web IDE Full-Stack.

Check out this blog for more information about the migration procedure

So, what’s new in SAP Web IDE Full-Stack?

Enhanced SAP Fiori Capabilities

We continue to enhance SAP Web IDE’s SAP Fiori capabilities, making it easier and faster to develop engaging and beautiful UI applications.

Let me tell you about some of the new and improved capabilities. For the full list, please see the SAP Web IDE release notes

  1. Consuming APIs from SAP API Business Hub

You have probably heard of the recently introduced SAP API Business Hub, a central catalog that brings together APIs from SAP Cloud Platform, S/4 HANA, SAP SuccessFactors, and other SAP cloud products. We have now integrated SAP Web IDE to this catalog, greatly simplifying the process of finding, exploring, testing, and consuming SAP data services directly from SAP Web IDE. Browse and explore APIs, test an API in its sandbox with mock data, and finally, consume a selected API in your application. All of this without leaving SAP Web IDE.

For more details, see Consume APIs from SAP API Business Hub.

  1. Storyboard

The storyboard provides a visual representation of the application’s UI including its pages (views), navigations, and the services and entities that it uses.

The new storyboard also enables you to perform actions on your project like adding or deleting a view or defining navigations between views.

  1. Workspace Manager

You can now create multiple workspaces. This enables you to group your projects in different workspaces. The Workspace Manager allows you to create and delete workspaces and to open another workspace in the current browser tab or in a new tab.

  1. Syncing service metadata

You can now sync the metadata of a service in one click from your workspace.

Building Web Applications using Grunt

In SAP Web IDE Full-Stack, the SAPUI5 Client Build functionality is replaced with Grunt. Grunt is a JavaScript task runner that allows you to automate any task that you, as a front-end developer, need to perform on a regular basis. Among other things:

  • Validate code against best practices using linters for CSS, JavaScript, and so on.
  • Minify and bundle your JavaScript and CSS files for optimized performance.
  • Compress your CSS and images.
  • Translate LESS to CSS.

To use Grunt capabilities in SAP Web IDE Full-Stack, you don’t need to set up your environment by installing the Node.js runtime environment or Grunt. You just need to add two mandatory files to your project (package.json and Gruntfile.js), which contain the configurations for running npm and Grunt. After that, you activate the Grunt build from your project’s context menu.

For more details on enabling Grunt, see Building Applications.

If you use Grunt in your continuous integration and continuous delivery processes, now you can apply the same Grunt build in SAP Web IDE Full-Stack (during the development phase, before pushing the changes to the Git repository).

Full-Stack Development

We enhanced SAP Web ID Full-Stack to support server-side development in addition to the support for SAP Fiori/SAPUI5. This means you can now create full-stack applications.

A full-stack application project may consist of several modules, such as a data model, business logic, and, of course, a UI. You can create these modules using wizards, define interdependencies and dependencies to existing cloud services, use graphical modelers and context-aware tools to build, debug and test your code, and finally, deploy the entire application project as a single package to SAP Cloud Platform.

Learn more on how to develop a full-stack application in this blog series.


SAP Cloud Platform Workflow service

You can model a workflow using the workflow editor in SAP Web IDE Full-Stack, which enables IT specialists to create workflows using the graphical Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) standard. The BPMN workflow model also allows users to describe the flow of activities, events, and decision gateways.

For more details, see SAP Cloud Platform Workflow.


SAP Cloud Platform Portal service

SAP Web IDE offers a custom feature for developing freestyle site components in a structured manner. The feature consists of a set of wizards for creating site templates, page templates, pages, and widgets, as well as an option to convert a Web application to a freestyle site widget. All components are packaged together in one project that can be deployed to your subaccount on the cloud.

For more details, see End to End Development Flow.


Mobile development kit for SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services

In addition to the existing powerful mobile hybrid development capabilities of SAP Web IDE, we are pleased to announce the new metadata-driven Mobile development kit for SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services (also known as SAP Enterprise App Modeler).

For more details, see Developing Apps Using SAP Enterprise App Modeler.


Advanced IoT Application Enablement

SAP Web IDE Full-Stack provides an advanced IoT wizard for developing beautiful IoT applications in less than five minutes, without any coding. Unlike other SAP Fiori wizards, it supports a divided page layout, with arbitrary horizontal and vertical sections.

Using the enhanced layout editor, you can drag and drop smart IoT-friendly controls into any of the sections and easily bind each of these controls to an SAP Leonardo IoT service point. Define interactions and event actions via a dialog, test with live data, and deploy the application to SAP Fiori launchpad on SAP Cloud Platform.

For more details, see For more info read SAP IoT Application Enablement.


Check out this blog for more information about the migration procedure.

If you have any other questions, ask our community , check out our documentation ,or contact us.

Register here to get the latest news and updates from SAP Web IDE.



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    Hi Elizabeth,


    Thanks for sharing this info. It is a great update. However, I still do not see features like Nodejs module support in this web IDE. Is this still work in progress?

    • Hi Abhijeet GC,

      We are planning to support node.js development. it is still in progress. We will update once it is released.




      • Hi Elizabeth,

        Now that node js is not yet supported and since we have our current development on XSJS, how can we go about this?


  • Hi,

    Good to know and thanks for the information.

    I would like to know if one day ADT will be supported by WebIDE. it would be nice to have only one tool to handle SAP development.

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Elizabeth

    Nice blog. We are already using the webide fullstack for our developments and it surely has a lot of advantages compared to the old webide.

    But i would like to ask your help, before this update we could build our apps just clicking on the Build menu option, and them the webide used to generated the dist folder.

    But now when we try the same it says that the Builder is not installed.

    I could not find any documentation about the changes on the build process. Do you know where i can find such information?





    • Hi Juliano

      Please install the builder by connecting to your cloud foundry space from full stack web ide.

  • Hi Elizabeth,

    great to hear that Web IDE full-stack learns new things!

    Is it now / will it be soon possible to develop and build MTA projects for Neo subaccounts as well?

    I am aware of the workaround described in this blog but it would be much nicer to have the option to build the MTA for Neo directly in Web IDE like it is possible for Cloud Foundry.

    Thanks and kind regards



    • Hi Harald,


      This capability is not yet offered and is not on our short term plans.

      Please post your requirement in the customer influence site. This site is the official channel for getting ideas into our product. In this channel you can submit your ideas for review by the SAP Web IDE development team.

      In addition, other customers can view your ideas, comment and vote for them.

      The SAP Web IDE product team reviews all ideas and considers them for future releases.



    • Hi Kabir,


      Thanks for the feedback. We have no way of knowing that you completed the migration, so we keep reminding you once a week.

      If you completed the migration this shouldn't bother you as you are supposed to work only in SAP Web IDE Full-Stack, right?



  • I was checking on a problem that I had before, which was editing a multiInput using the layout editor. The editing option for multiInput is still not fixed in the full stack editor. Not a deal breaker, just wondering why ?

  • I've try the migrate and I've got a problem with git , I really enjoy for the new features and the Web IDE Full-Stack but I can't do a checkout in a branch and now I'm using the older WebIDE .

    • Hi Sebastiano,


      I'm sorry to hear you are having problems with the migration. In order to help we will need some further details. Can you please open a ticket?




  • Hi,


    Is this still valid for Personal Edition?


    I downloaded the trial version from here and unzipped it to local drive. I do not see the Orion included in it. I have found no reference on how to get the orion.

    Documentation( shows as if the orion is included.

    Documentation is so confusing and after a whole day of search i had to write to you. thanks for your help on this.



  • Hello,

    We have moved from WEBIDE private to Full. I exported some projects from private and imported them in my full version, but now when I try to run them I went back to private and can run the projects with no problems. Is there someting I have to change or add to get the projects to run in my full version? In WEBIDE I have activated everything (28) that are given under the Extensions

    My private Version: 181220 ( WEBIDE Trial Account from SAP connected to our Hana 1809 system)

    My full Version: 200102 (Cloud connector Company Subaccount,  Hana on premise same 1809 system)

    Thanks for your help


    • Hi Mark,

      If you are moving from SAP Web IDE Full-Stack in your trial account to SAP Web IDE Full-Stack in your productive account, no project adjustments are required.

      If you are moving from SAP Web IDE Personal Edition to SAP Web IDE Full-Stack in your productive account, please read this section and follow the Migration procedure guidelines:

      If you have a specific issue/error, please elaborate or open a support ticket.




      • Hi Natalia,

        Thank you. I’ve opened Tickets for the problems and they are being looked into.

        One last question. If I may. Do you know who I can contact to find out when the Full version will support Extension projects using ODATA SADL. Older Apps I can Extend with no problems but the newer Apps use SADL and I can not create Extensions in WEBIDE as I get Messages stating not allowed to create.

        I wrote to  Jan 14th and have not yet received any reply to my mail.


        Kind regards