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Innovational labs and Start-Ups are rising everywhere. Is this only targeting young professionals? Obviously not! This has shown the very first workshop with 4th class pupils in May in the English Institute Primary School Heidelberg.

In the fast changing and moving world with all the appearing challenges we need to place our confidence into youth. Today’s youth will face and need to handle future world problems. It should be our goal to prepare them best for that. Within fostering an entrepreneurial and creative mindset we enable them to act solution-oriented and open-minded!

By using Business Modell Canvas (BMC) the 40 pupils could use their creative mindset for creating their own business plan for an entrepreneurial project, of which some will be even implemented directly in the school. Isn’t that amazing?

Designed by Alexander Osterwalder and based on his earlier book Business Model Ontology the BMC gives a frame of what you need to plan to build up your own company. The model outlines several prescriptions which form the building blocks for the activities. Enabling to focus on operational as well as strategic management and marketing plan for new and existing companies is one of the major benefits of the BMC.

The 40 pupils impressed the teachers and SAP Young Thinkers coaches from the very beginning. After a short induction of the BMC and an example how to use the BMC, the pupils were divided into groups and collected business ideas. Plans of a chocolate factory, a healthy bakery and sustainable scrap yard were made soon with joy. The pupils exchanged and collected ideas towards the services, products and potential targets groups, identified major resources and activities to start their business running.

The creativity and the open mindset of the pupils was outstanding while creating their business plan, but what really showed the skillset of the pupils were the results. Within only one hour and a little help by the teachers and the SAP Coaches, all the groups could set up a whole canvas business model. After finalizing the model, the different groups pitched and explained their ideas to every delegate of the workshop. What is even better? One group committed themselves to take their ideas into action and work on school scrap yard with the support of one of their teachers.

Also, the closing of the workshop, within we collected the main takeaways and learnings, showed us how well sustainability is locked into the children mind. The key learning of the children was “acting more sustainable” in their daily life, for example when it comes to shopping and consumption. On top of that the children generated to have a better understanding of the different points of attention for building up a company and how many possibilities and ideas you can have for creating your own business!

All in all, it was a very fun and educational workshop, which showed how smart and creative young children can work on entrepreneurial projects and ideas! We really hope to expand our program with children that age on Business Model Canvas.

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