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How to visualize a Freeze horizon in IBP Excel?

How to visualize the Freeze horizon in IBP Excel?

Hi Everyone,

Freeze horizon in order-based planning is one of the recently published features of SAP IBP for Response and Supply 1805. Maybe you have already figured it out. In Web UI you can see the freeze horizon here:

But if you are mainly working in IBP Excel you may wonder how to see it there?

In the following steps I will explain step-by-step how to set it up from a fresh SAP7 Planning area copy.

Step 1: Copy the SAP7 Sample planning area to a new Planning Area

Step 2: Create 3 new attributes in Fiori App: Attributes

Attribute Data Type


Step 3: Add the created Attributes to the Master Data Type for LocationProduct

I used MA9 as prefix of Master data types when copying  Sample Planning area. Run a search for the Prefix used.

As a next step edit Master Data Type for LocationProduct. Now you must assign the previously created Attributes for Freeze Horizon to the MDT. Also assign the Reference columns:

Attribute Reference columns

Result looks like this:

Step 4: Add attributes to Planning Area

Open Configuration Fiori App and select your planning area copy. In my case it is MA9SAP7. First show all available attributes (arrow on the left) and then filter by MA9 (arrow on the right).


Result looks like this:

Step 5: Add attributes to Planning Level PERPRODLOC

Select the Planning Level PERPRODLOC and display all available attributes. Expand MA9LocationProduct MDT and select the attributes FREEZEHORIZONDISTRINT, FREEZEHORIZONPRODINT, PLANDELETIONHORIZONINT and save it.

Result looks like this:

Step 6: Create Time Profile & Activate Planning Area

Step 7: Run Order-Based Planning: Regenerate Planning Objects Job for Planning Area

In order to generate CVCs in order based planning you have to use Order-Based Planning: Regenerate Planning Objects Job. This Job you can schedule via Application Jobs App. Select your Planning area and hit schedule.

Step 8: Open Excel and logon to your new Planning Area

Select Freeze Horizon Distribution and Production attributes:

Look at results in Excel

Now you are almost there. Now you can develop a VBA Macro that colors the cells within frozen period.

For your convenience I have an example here that you can have a look at.

See SAP Note 2421657 for more details about using VBA in IBP.



Hope you would have found this topic interesting and thanks for reading it.

Please feel free to leave your Comments/Feedbacks.


kind regards,


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  • Hi Michael,


    Thanks for this very informative document along with your sample VBA script. We were looking of this option way back before VBA hooks were available in IBP.


    Will surely try this out, one question from my side is what is the performance impact on the refresh time. With all the loops in the script did you see any major impact ?



    Manoj Gaikwad

  • Hi Manoj,

    good point, of course the VBA is slowing down the refresh time. However it is a question of what is acceptable for the user and the customer scenario. I think a few extra seconds will make the Excel more user friendly...

    Kind regards


  • Hello Michael.

    Thanks for this, but still one question:
    Is there any way to solve this by using the standard EPM Formatting sheet in Excel? After all, the attribute 'Frozen Horizon' is available there.

    So far I only had to colour either complete rows or columns and won't come around to testing this myself this week.

    Thanks and regards

    Kai Wipfler


    • Hi Kai,

      I'm afraid that will not work because every Location-Product may have it's own frozen horizon.


      P1@Loc 1 - 5 days

      P2@Loc 1 - 12 days


      kind regards


  • Hi Michael,

    Thank you very much for this detailed document on displaying the frozen horizons in Excel UI, and thanks for sharing the script.

    This is very useful


    Sarath Suryadevara