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CHARM Repack – Focused Build Standalone Extensions Part 2

In this blog series, I would like to describe a few standalone enhancements in more detail, which can be very helpful in special situations and can be used independently from the requirements to deploy process from Focused Build.

In this second part, I want to introduce you to a standalone enhancement which is named Repack. This extension is particularly useful for you when you have implemented or plan to implement Change Request Management with SAP Solution Manager.

The Challenge

Now and then, a transport manager for a system landscape you need to reorganize transports.


Most of the time the only solution for a transport manager was to access the transport organizer and do the different steps manually.

It usually got more difficult when you used Change Request Management and not only had to do manual imports, transport merges and include objects steps but also had to manage the TDIR entry’s and originality and the Cross-System Object Lock from Change Request Management.


Repack is a simply guided procedure witch you can open in the transport assignment block of your target change. The guided procedure then supports you with the selection of the source transports and automates post activities you may need.

The wizard allows you either to select transports list from a whole project (Dual Track Landscape Use Case) or to select any transports that you have imported in the development systems of the target changes. You can also repack any transport types, regular workbench and customizing transports as well as transport of copies or open transports that are not yet released.

Repack provides you with automation of the following post-processing activities:

  • Change Originality – Change Originality of workbench objects to the current system.
  • Add directory Locks – If transport locks exist for objects that should be repacked in the current System, the function will delete these locks to add the locks for the repack target transport request.
  • ToC into Customizing – Repack a Transports of Copies(ToC) into target customizing transport (otherwise, they will be repacked into target workbench transport).
  • Add CSOL – Add Cross System Object Lock for the target repack transport requests automatically.

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  • Thanks for good block.

    I tried to use repack function from Focused Build 2.2 but I do not get to right source system the Development system from Development Branch in guided procedure. I suppose source system should be where to repack context from development Branch to Maintenance Branch.

    S4H:801 is maintenance branch development system (this charm document belong to maintenance branch. I suppose I should have S4H:820 (instead of S4H:801) development here because it is development from Development Branch.

    Should I create transport routes or soladm configuration to get other development system visible? or something else.


    Br Leena

    • Hello Lenna,

      i think there is a miss understanding. Repack always happens in the Development System. I will not take care for the Import to the DEV System.

      In the selected field you can select different DEV systems when there are multiple DEV system in the change cycle. If there is only one in the change cycle you cant change it.

      Based on the DEV System and the repack mode you use it will show you either all imported transports or all imported transports from a specific change cycle where this DEV system was the PRD system.

      To make use of repack in a Dual System Landscape you would setup one cycle with

      DEV(PRJ)-QA(PRJ)-DEV(Maint) in the Role of the PRD (Project Change Cycle)

      DEV(Maint)-QA(Maint)-PRD( the real one)  =  Maintenance Change Cycle


      You then do the Import in the Project Change Cycle to DEV(Maint) via Task List and then the repack in DEV(MAint) to attach all those changes to a new change in the Maintenance Cycle.

      i hope this clarifies this a little bit.


      kind regards

      Stefan Doktor

  • Yes, Now I understood. Thanks for good explanation

    I think now it should work but I still get error: Repack Function is not available in System S4H:801. Should  this action  be run from managed system. Could it be possible that this funtion is missing from there?

    Best Regards,





    • You might have missed step 4.5.3. "Package Distribution for Managed System" from the Configuration Guide.

      Check all Steps in the Config Guide again please. In case it still does not work please open OSS Message

  • Hi Stefan,

    The focus build standalone extention is integrated in business role /SALM/SM_PRO, but we have Charms implemented with ZSOLMANPRO business role. Is it possible to integrate the Repack with ZSOLMONPRO ?




    • Hello Vinod,

      yes, but for technical reasons we cant provide this out of the box.

      You need to do this yourself.

      There are 2 Options

      1. Exchange the Transport Assignment Block that is used in ZSOLMANPRO and use the Transport Assignment Block that is used in the /SALM/SM_PRO. Todo this you need some CRMUI DEV Knowledge to enhance the WebUI Compontent for the Change Documents (AIC_CMCD_H) and add the Assignment Block (/SALM/CM_TRANS) to the usages.
      2. If you don’t have that option or don’t want to do a customer enhancement to a UI Component you could also just take the whole CHARM Workcenter from /SALM/SM_PRO and add it to your ZSOLMANPRO via the Business Role Customizing. But be aware as you will change the name of all lower-level UI Components every customizing you made before, to your ZSOLMANPRO and to the views of the AIC* UI Components, might need to be replicated for the new /SALM/* UI Components that you get with the new Workcenter.

      I would recommend in most cases to go for option 1 even if this means a development enhancement. Less effort than trying to sync all the customizing except you know that you didn’t do any customizing in ZSOLMANPRO.

      kind regards

      Stefan Doktor