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CHARM Repack – Focused Build Standalone Extensions Part 2

In this blog series, I would like to describe a few standalone enhancements in more detail, which can be very helpful in special situations and can be used independently from the requirements to deploy process from Focused Build.

In this second part, I want to introduce you to a standalone enhancement which is named Repack. This extension is particularly useful for you when you have implemented or plan to implement Change Request Management with SAP Solution Manager.

The Challenge

Now and then, a transport manager for a system landscape you need to reorganize transports.


Most of the time the only solution for a transport manager was to access the transport organizer and do the different steps manually.

It usually got more difficult when you used Change Request Management and not only had to do manual imports, transport merges and include objects steps but also had to manage the TDIR entry’s and originality and the Cross-System Object Lock from Change Request Management.


Repack is a simply guided procedure witch you can open in the transport assignment block of your target change. The guided procedure then supports you with the selection of the source transports and automates post activities you may need.

The wizard allows you either to select transports list from a whole project (Dual Track Landscape Use Case) or to select any transports that you have imported in the development systems of the target changes. You can also repack any transport types, regular workbench and customizing transports as well as transport of copies or open transports that are not yet released.

Repack provides you with automation of the following post-processing activities:

  • Change Originality – Change Originality of workbench objects to the current system.
  • Add directory Locks – If transport locks exist for objects that should be repacked in the current System, the function will delete these locks to add the locks for the repack target transport request.
  • ToC into Customizing – Repack a Transports of Copies(ToC) into target customizing transport (otherwise, they will be repacked into target workbench transport).
  • Add CSOL – Add Cross System Object Lock for the target repack transport requests automatically.

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