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Chris Kernaghan hosted this call.

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  • Understanding the key dimensions of S/4HANA Cloud Delivery Enablement
  • Formal Education offering from SAP Learning Hub
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud Certifications from SAP Education

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Digital first enablement strategy

Source: SAP

Faster innovation cycles with quarterly release cycles

Source: SAP

Cloud provides elasticity, always on, always up-to-date


“faster adoption, innovation, leverage to free up resources and revenue to ‘move the needle'”

Source: SAP

Cloud mindset shift

More than tools/methodology but how leveraging / driving best practices embedded in the solution

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Three new learnings – continuous learning, changing roles, choice

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On the left, staggered customer adoption

On the right, quarterly release cycles ensure you go every quarterly

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Higher flexibility

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Learners want to consume content – embedded learning


Q: How will the triaining content be kept up to date and will the classroomm training be updated as it is often the slowest to be updated

A: Learning Hub ( and the Learning Journeys

Q: How will this affect certification for customers – I have seen the AWS and GCP certifications being out of step with the class room courses

A: See the Learning Journeys


Digital First Enablement

Source: SAP

Knowledge – S/4HANA foundation


S/4HC (new acronym for me)

Customer engagement executive is assigned

Building and understanding methodology for implementation based on SAP ACTIVATE

These are interesting new roles – I think it makes sense, but from a change management PoV for customers and linking back to their On Premise world is going to be interesting – Chris Kernaghan

Certification framework is on the right; became active first of May

Dedicated learning journey for Project Manager to learn SAP Activate

August 2018 – launch quarterly release assessment

Source: SAP

Embedded in Learning Hub offerings

Partners to augment with SAP Value Assurance on first few projects

Source: SAP

Take advantage of Open SAP and micro service learning

Source: SAP

Interactive expert live learning sessions are available in the SAP Learning Hub

Q: How long do you have to take the delta, can you skip one and jump to the next one without penalty

A: Delta exams will mandatory August 2018

Consultant has 1 quarter to pass assessment, if not take it in time the baseline certification will expire at the end of the following quarter.

Source: SAP

YouTube micro learnings, short videos, narrated and presented from P&I team

Source: SAP

Open SAP courses

Source: SAP

“Everything is anchored in Learning Hub”

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Learning Journeys and links

Later have additional learning journeys

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How to get started

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See requirements above

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How to stay current quarter by quarter

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Costs are shown above

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You can take the cloud certifications remotely; based on certain criteria

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Where to find more information


Q:  Can we point our colleagues, customers to meet the team at Sapphire

A: Will see a big S4HC presence on the show floor “intelligent ERP”

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