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About openSAP as it Celebrates its 5th Year

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) has been a popular mode of learning since 2012. These online courses are usually free of charge for anyone who wants to upgrade their skill and learn industry-specific knowledge such as web design, programming, and others. SAP joined the bandwagon and opened its own MOOC platform in 2013, which we now know as openSAP. Just as any MOOC, openSAP courses are free of charge if you take it during the timeframe the course is offered. Learning time is also flexible so you can take these online courses anytime it fits your schedule such as after office hours or during the weekend. The platform even provides social interaction with the instructors and with fellow peers enrolled in the course. Hence, students can ask questions or comment about the course.


I started using and exploring this platform early last year. As of today, I have finished 3 courses. As a beginner of using the platform, I started with a course called ‘An Introduction to SAP HANA by Dr. Vishal Sikka’ as I was interested in learning about SAP HANA. The material was very informative for an introductory course and so I was encouraged to enroll into other courses. openSAP provides 2 kinds of certificate after you finish a course. A Record of Achievement and a Confirmation of Participation certificate.

To qualify for a Record of Achievement certificate, one must complete all homework and exams within the timeframe the course is offered. One must also get at least a 50% grade for the course. Your certificate will include your grade and if your grade is in the overall top 5 to 20 percent, that distinction will be reflected as well. You can share and add your Record of Achievement certificate through your LinkedIn profile. This will be an added boost to your resume especially if you want to attract recruiters and employers. This will let them know that you are keeping up to date with the latest technology in SAP.

If a student does not meet the grade requirement but finishes or completes more than half of the course material, then he or she will still be able to get a Confirmation of Participation certificate. This certificate however, cannot be shared through LinkedIn but can be saved to your local drive for you to print or share via email or through other means and platforms. Note that the Record of Achievement certificate is also downloadable and can also be shared through other platforms like email.


openSAP gives its students options to backtrack or enroll on courses they have previously offered. These courses are still for free but would cost you to pay a reactivation fee if you opt to get a Record of Achievement certificate. One reactivation code costs $59 which I think is pricey for one course. However, they do give you a discount if you purchase 4 or more codes. So, if you plan to enroll on previous course offerings in openSAP with proof of your grades and achievement, better plan on taking 4 courses or more, so you can avail of their discounted reactivation codes that can be bought in


The openSAP platform celebrates its 5th year on April 29. As such, they are giving away free reactivation codes! All they require is for you to login into the platform on the said date to get the free reactivation code which you can use to reactivate a previous course offering of your choice. This will then allow you to take the course as well as earn a Record of Achievement certificate which you can download or share through LinkedIn. If you don’t have an openSAP account yet, then I suggest on creating one on or before the 29th.

I do encourage SAP practitioners to continue upgrading their skills thru this platform. SAP continues to innovate and share their new technologies which we can all benefit from in the long run. Do visit open for more details on current and past course offerings.

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  • It’s one of my favorite places to visit.  What’s not to like? FREE courses.  It just takes your time.  Yes, I know we all have so little of it.   I missed some courses I really wanted to take recently.

    It’s fun interacting on the “message” board.  I’m not remembering what it was called.   It’s nice to have that little extra that makes it a bit more than just an on-line course.  I AM applying what I’ve learned so that is a huge bonus.

    So +1 for me.