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Author's profile photo Hemant Rathod

Create consistent master data for preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is most useful application to remain on top of all unplanned activities that you may face while managing your plants and facilities. Maintenance planner needs to maintain master data like Maintenance Plans, Maintenance Item, object list etc. so that consistent preventive maintenance orders could be created within planning period.

Based on the planning guidelines, maintenance planner needs to carefully enter large number of fields repetitively for every individual maintenance object. Any incorrect entries in master data could create orders that are not easily plannable. Managing these master data has been challenging task for most organization. SAP development team and our User group from various regions, has identified how to improve user experience while maintaining these master data.

Result of this joint work is described in Note 2539196. This note provides following improvements.

1.       Copy preventive maintenance plans/item from a reference template

2.       User specific defaults for preventive maintenance plans

These improvements help maintenance planner to reduce efforts in maintaining this master data and improve quality as well as consistency of the preventive maintenance orders created by scheduling engine.

Copy maintenance plans from the reference template

Maintenance planner are responsible for multiple types of equipment within a plant. Maintenance strategy of each type of equipment guides how the maintenance plans and items should be created for a given type of equipment.

Using this improvement, maintenance planner could take a well-defined maintenance plan and identify it as template maintenance plan. Screen below shows how to declare a maintenance plan as template.

When planner needs to create a new maintenance plan for a new equipment that needs same or similar maintenance plan, these templates could be used as reference to copy information. Planner has flexibility to select which set of data is useful for the new object.

User specific defaults

Maintenance plans has large number of fields. Most organization has evolved guideline based on the common good practices to ensure these fields are populated by planners consistently. New tab for Maintenance plan within EAM_USER transaction helps user to preset these values based on guidelines.

These new improvements would reduce number of clicks and entries that a maintenance planner must do while creating new maintenance plans.

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Read note 2539196 and its dependent notes

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      Author's profile photo rajesh akkaladevi
      rajesh akkaladevi

      Hi Hemant,


      Very useful Information about Improvements which enables minimal data entry. Thanks.


      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Gaurav Solanki
      Gaurav Solanki

      Hi Hemant,


      Great document. I appreciate you for sharing the knowledge.

      I have some doubt, Some people say that Maintenance plan is master data and some say that its a transaction data. you also wrote its a master data. so which one is perfect.





      Author's profile photo Hemant Rathod
      Hemant Rathod
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Gaurav,

      For me, most of the things in preventive maintenance, whether maintenance plans, Maintenance item, maintenance strategy/package, task list are master data.

      They all help in preparing strategies to proactively manage equipment /functional locations/ assemblies.

      To keep asset operating optimally, we need to keep on improving them up-to-date, but they all have very long life cycle similar to equipment and functional location.

      Maintenance order / maintenance notification / confirmations / Measurement document etc are transactional data because they all have comparatively shorter life cycle as well as provide information about activities performed at an point of time.

      I agree these terms sometime are confusing, but hope my explanation provides you background why I call them as master data.



      Author's profile photo Santosh Godse
      Santosh Godse

      Hi Hemant,

      Functionality is very much useful for maint planning. I recently test this functionality in my system. It is worked as you describe above.

      But i am not clear about purpose of “Do not allow” option. My guess is that after click on this option system should not allow to copy particular plan number. But my system allow to copy this plan after click on this option. It would be helful if you give some information on this “Do not allow”.How it is useful in this improvement.

      Below is screenshot in german language

      Thanks & regards,



      Author's profile photo Hemant Rathod
      Hemant Rathod
      Blog Post Author

      Hello Santosh,

      Sorry for late reply. This option was provided to ensure that people use only verified set of plans as template.  This option allows setting a plan as template or removing it as template. Normally a reliability engineer approves and indicates if a plan could be used as template or not. Such details are evaluated based on maintenance strategies evaluated using RCM or PM review process.

      Hope this explains the reason behind this option.



      Author's profile photo Santosh Godse
      Santosh Godse

      Hello Hemant,

      Thank you for reply.

      Author's profile photo Pradeepan M
      Pradeepan M

      Hi Hemant,

      Thank you so much for this document. Learnt something new today 🙂



      Author's profile photo Vineeth Varghese
      Vineeth Varghese

      Very good document!!