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‘Advanced shipping’ functionalities in embedded TM of S/4HANA 1709 release

Highlighted the potential advantages of embedded Transportation management ( TM ) in S/4HANA 1709 in blog before release 1709 was officially released.

Now, trying to depict two important functionalities in embedded TM which are very useful for Transportation planners as below

  • Combination of Inbound and outbound flows in same transport

In LE-TRA of ECC, two separate shipments (one for inbound and another for outbound) are needed if Picking for Purchase order and deliveries from sales order are to be combined . However, embedded TM offers to combine both inbound and outbound flows in same freight order as in below image.

Above image also shows that there are 2 line items (i.e one for inbound Purchase order and another for outbound Sales order) in the Purchase order created from Freight settlement.

Pick up from multiple vendors (as a part of Milk run) and a subsequent outbound delivery to a customer is also possible in embedded TM as in below image.

  • Transportation planning with Gantt chart and Map

Planning and scheduling with Gantt chart and its integration with geographical map provides immense simplification and flexibility to Transport planners as in below image.

Customers just loved these features while showcasing these capabilities of embedded TM in S/4HANA and these are being considered as one of the important value drivers for S/4HANA journey, if transportation is one of their essential components in their business scenarios.

However, note that the functionalities depicted in this blog call for Additional license as ‘Advanced shipping’ of SAP TM within S/4HANA.

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    • Hi Dheeraj,

      Thanks .

      Segmentation as in link

      is the my last blog on AATP.

      With regards,


  • Nice feature. Smart-App and minimized steps, high-end functionalities with single source-code - THE S/4HANA benefits are now more visible in 1709 version onwards.

    For TM capabilities, if you can also highlight the required config to activate the functionality, it would be great.


  • Hi Experts,


    does anyone have information about the options to upgrade from Basic Shipping to Advanced Shipping for embedded TM. As my current client is not convinced about functionalities yet so he might start with Basic Shipping.

    So if there is an option to upgrade or switch on Advanced Shipping later on this would be nice.


  • Hi Mrinal,

    If milk-run covers 2 warehouse, Is it possible to trace this scenerio with 1 TU? I heard that Multipicking doesnt cover because of eWM restrictions


    • Hi Volkan,

      I did not fully get the scenario.Can you please elaborate a bit.

      But, yes if TM needs to be integrated with EWM , then there are some restrictions . Freight order from TM will create a TU in EWM . If it goes to another warehouse , then it shall be another TU logically (I have not tested that flow as yet).

      With regards,


  • I went through your blog and I must say that you have done a great job in explaining all aspects of functionality in Embedded System of SAP4HANA clearly. Thanks for sharing this amazing blog.