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Enable Profiling your Vora connection with the SAP Data Hub 1.0 SPS 03, trial edition

After making the SAP Data Hub 1.0 SPS 03, trial edition work for me I leveraged this environment to send my Raspberry Pi sensor data to SAP Vora via Apache Kafka managed by the SAP Data Hub. However, when trying to profile my Raspberry Pi sensor data like profiling my big data with the SAP Data Hub, I receive this error message:

Checking my SAP Data Hub Overview, I realize that there does not seem to be a HDFS connection:

Luckily the required WebHDFS settings are easily augmented, given that I have already connected my SAP Data Hub to SAP Vora and Hadoop:

With this profiling my Vora connection works like a charm:

With the expected results:

Of course, this is a significant architectural change with SAP Data Hub 1.3.0, since this scenario does not require a local SAP Data Hub Adapter any longer.

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