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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central – RDS – Configure Time Off for LOA only

Some Customers do not use the full time off functionality in Employee central. Instead, they use third-party software for managing time. However, they want to use the LOA Functionality where based on event reason derivation employee status is changed from Active to Paid Leave or Unpaid Leave when an employee applies for LOA within employee central. In such cases, SAP SuccessFactors Time off with LOA only features provide the robust solution. This blog explains the process steps for configuring LOA only on RDS System.

Use Case: Alex Weber is an employee who applies the Maternity LOA from May 30, 2018, until June 6, 2018, and she holds right to return to the position after LOA.

To map this Scenario, we need to follow the below steps–

Step 1: Activate the LOA in employee center.

To Activate the LOA only go to–> Manage Employee Central Settings –>Time and Attendance Management –> Switch on Time off & Time off for Leave of Absence only.

Step 2: Set up the time profile – For LOA only

To Set up the time profile go to –>Manage Data –>Create New –>Select Time Profile. Create following profile with external code LEAVE_OF_ABSENCE_PROFILE. Select the time Recording Variant as Duration.

Step 3: Create the Event Reasons LOA_START & Return from leave

Maintain the employee status as per the customer requirement here I am maintaining the Employee Status as Paid Leave.

Step 4: Create Business Rules to trigger the workflow

Here I created the business rule where the event is LOA_START will trigger the workflow to line Manager for approval.


Step 5: Define Time types for LOA

Setup the time types Such as LOA – Maternity

To set up the time type go to Manage Data –>  Select Create New –> Select Time Type.

Set up the time type as follows –


Assign the above time type to time profile & also assign the workflow rule on time type.


Step 6:- Configure People profile – Now check if the section on people profile is configured  & permission for Time Off.

Step 7: Set up the RBP:

Now Let’s set up the RBP for LOA.


A) Enable time off under employee views:

B) Permission to LOA Action & Return from LOA under HR Actions :

Manage time: MSS & HR Admin

A) Permission to Access Workbench 

B) Permission to Manage time off 

Now let’s test the scenario –


Login As an employee here I am selecting Aadya Weber. Go to Time off tile –> Request Time off–> Select the time type Maternity–>Choose the dates & submit.


See below my Requests Pending for Managers approval. Here the Manager is Sarah Jones.

Now login as Sarah Jones & Approve the request.


Once Request is Approved. Go to Home –> Select Company Info–> Go to Position org chart search by People.

Here I am selecting for Aadya Weber. Incumbent details show that incumbent assignment is ending on May 29, 2018, as we have applied LOA from May 30, 2108.


Now Check the position within the LOA date. It will show Right to return in Incumbent details as follows-

Now Log in as an HR & Select manage leave of absence. Enter the Actual return date.

Enter Actual Date of Return and Save.

Now Go to Job Information Portlet & check the details as on date.Check for the Employee status.

To Summarize applying for LOA & return for LOA  takes less time in configuration & it’s easy to use as a feature.

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      Author's profile photo Vinay Potdar
      Vinay Potdar

      Vidushi - Very Comprehensive and informative.

      Thanks for this blog.



      Author's profile photo vidushi kaushal
      vidushi kaushal
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks, Vinay.

      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon

      It is a very LIGHT solution for sure. I always think of it as a convenient way for notation rather than any real underlying data impact. Like payroll, time mgmt has long been a fairly lacking piece of the SF puzzle.....and like many, I keep hearing "it's's coming". I think it is getting almost past due. I hope when the "next generation payroll" is announced, a parallel time solution will be offered up too!

      Author's profile photo vidushi kaushal
      vidushi kaushal
      Blog Post Author

      Yeah, Agree. 

      Author's profile photo Norbert Kuznia
      Norbert Kuznia

      Greate Post, Thank you for effort to share your knowladge, Well done.

      Author's profile photo vidushi kaushal
      vidushi kaushal
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks !!

      Author's profile photo Rachel Chiu
      Rachel Chiu

      Hi Vidushi,

      I just followed your steps to setup Time Off LOA in my instance. It is very comprehensive and easy to follow. But I need some guidance on below.

      I like to clarify on Step 5: define Time Type. Can I do it differently where I choose my LOA absence individually instead of using 'LOA_START' created in Step 2, under 'Leave of Absence event reason (plan)'. Like picture 1 below.


      Because I want to show the actual event reason of absence under Job Info, instead of seeing "LOA_START". While I do not know if this is advisable to do, appreciate if you can provide some guidance. I am not using workflow in my organization, so i assume might be ok.




      Previously,  we were using 'insert new record' under Job Info to maintain LOA for employees, so we have a list of event reason for type of LOA (e.g unpaid leave - Medical, Childbirth, Child bonding, etc). Now we can no longer use this method after Release 2021 2H removed the LOA and Return to Work from Event picklist. We need to use Time Off - LOA only.



      Author's profile photo Priyanka Miripelli
      Priyanka Miripelli

      Hi Vidushi Kaushal,

      Great explanation. I have one doubt Example.

      one employee applied for Maternity leave and approved, so now in the job information status will be Unpaid Leave.

      Now employee is going to be return to work in the Organization. In the job information status will be Active.

      Here my question is when employee is coming to the organization system will take automatically Actual Return date or we need to do manually?

      Please let me know. Thank you.

      Author's profile photo Geneva Yager
      Geneva Yager

      Thanks for posting. How do we correct scenario when employee returns from LOA, STD, etc - and the return record from HR changes Employee Type (Hourly/Salry0 and FLSA status (exempt/non-exempt)? I have searched and searched and can not locate either FLSA or Employee Type in any business rules... example: Hourly employee goes on STD. HR initiates record for them to return in Time Off module. Once HR saves Time Off change, we check Job Info in EC, and the record shows the return record, but also auto-updates the FLSA status to Exempt and Employee Type to Salary.

      Does anyone know of a fix for this?

      Author's profile photo Narendra Prasath Parthiban
      Narendra Prasath Parthiban

      Hi Vidushi Kaushal

      Great Blogs! Very informative.