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S4 HANA and IBP Integration using CPI-DS

In this blog, I will explain the CPI steps to integrate the S4 HANA and IBP  using CPI-DS(Cloud Platform Integration for Data Services).

Refer the  below blog to know quick overview about the scenarios/stories and IBP.

SAP help reference:

Scenario: OP S4HANA and IBP integration using a standard template

Source system: S4HANA

Data integration: CPI-DS  using IBP Templates

Target system: SAP IBP


  1. Create a Project – Login to CPI system and create a new project for the integration scenario
  2. Create Task – Create the task using the SAP provided standard template  
  3. Select source connection – Source and target connections should be created before designing the DS integration flow( S4H is the source connection for this blog)
  4. Select target connection – IBP_S4HOP is the target connection which connects to IBP on the cloud environment.
  5. Define data flow under the task created in step 2.
  6. Assign/Change staging table – You have the option to change the target staging table  
  7. Change data flow using mapping editor – we have copied the standard template for location master integration. Using mapping editor we have the option to change the data flow objects such as mapping & query
  8. The next step is to map source and target structure using mapping editor
  9. Define data flow join 
  10. Data flow custom filter
  11. Trigger data agent using the task by clicking the More Actions from the menu item.
  12. Check the flow in CPI-DS 
  13. IBP Data replication verification – Login to IBP on-demand system and navigate to data integration jobs to check the replicated data
  14. IBP Replicated data – you can find the number of replicated records in the data integration jobs.



Some useful links to read more about IBP.

Wiki page :


CPI-DS agent setup guide :


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