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SAP Web IDE Plugin: UI5 Internationalization/i18n Helper (Open Source)

Do you have big i18n property files?
Do you want to check if there is a missing translation with a click of a button?
…without leaving the convenient Web IDE?

Then, this plugin is for you!



It detects the current project(the project of the currently open file or selected file).

It searches XML views for i18n usage. So, it doesn’t just compare properties with each other, giving you peace of mind.

You can use it from tools menu:

A-ha! “Bonjour!” is missing in the French translation:

We fix it:

Everything is OK now:

The plugin assumes there is only one property file for each language. If you have different project structures please give feedback.

Any feedback regarding features and UI is welcome!


Create a destination:

If URL changes in the future I will update it here. You can also save this configuration as a text file and you can use “Import Destination” feature.

Also GitHub repo contains more mirrors and a handy .zip file, if you need to host the plugin yourself!


Settings > Plugins > Repository “Features” > Enable the plugin > Save

Then there will be a new menu item Tools > I18n Helper > Compare Properties

Source Code

2 years ago, I have developed a similar tool for command line here.

However, I have observed that most of the UI5 development happens only in Web IDE. It has proven itself to be the go-to tool for UI5 developers. Also, the plugin development seems fun. I think the community can benefit a lot from community-developed plugins.

Plugin specific code is in plugin directory in this GitHub repo:


Web IDE team for the SDK Web Site and help. (

Daniel Wroblewski and Jim Jaquet for the tutorials.(Update 2019-08-05: As Daniel mentions below the original tutorials are not available and you can visit the new tutorials here: Create an Extension for SAP Web IDE )

Wouter Lemaire for informative blog posts.

And thanks for reading!

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