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SAP Cloud Integration – CSV Import in Value Mapping


SAP Cloud Integration version 2.40 supports import of CSV file in Value Mapping. You can import the existing/exported SAP Process Integration (SAP PI) value mapping CSV file into SAP Cloud Integration Value Mapping.

Consider an empty value mapping editor as shown below. Please ensure that you are editing it.

You can now see a new button Import


Importing CSV in new value mapping

If you have an exported CSV file from SAP Process Integration (SAP PI), you can import that file in value mapping. Clicking on Import opens a file selection dialog.


You can select the CSV file to import. After import, the value mapping shall be created as shown below:

Importing CSV in existing value mapping

You can import a CSV within the existing value mapping. In such case, the newly imported CSV value mapping is merged with the existing mappings. Let’s see how this works.

Here’s a value mapping that already contains some entries.


After importing (ex: the same CSV file with airline agency entries), it will be merged with the existing agency-identifier entries.

You can see the new row in Bi-Directional Mapping section.

The import feature will save you a lot of time as you can reuse the CSV files exported from your PI system, if you are using the same value mappings.


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