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Sales Order Improvements -1805

Key Improvements in Order management



New UI- Master Details view displayed a vertical split on UI for Products and Involved Parties

We capture a lot of information as a part of an order specially in reference to the products ordered. To organise the information better and provide better visibility we have introduced a new UI paradigm of master detail, splitting the screen vertically. We placed the list of products/Items of the order on left hand side a table and on selection of a product the details being represented on the right hand side. This is enabled by default in all tenants.

Thats how it looks.

To disable this view one can use adaptation mode -> company settings -> Disable Vertical Split View for Master-Detail in Sales order




To honour the GDPR regulation we enabled depersonalisation for sales order. Orders which are in completed status can be depersonalised. For order in open and in process status orders they can be deleted.



Sales Order Summary in Offline mode

We have the order summary displayed through the action “preview” in online, but a similar requirement was to enable the pdf generation on offline. We have introduced another action called “Generate Summary” both for online and offline which helps to generate the order summary pdf.

It is a separate action since the template definition is disconnected for preview and generate summary. To define the template for generate summary one does not have to user Adobe lifecycle designer instead one can define it within Cloud for Customer: WorkCentre “Administrator – > Business Flexibility – > Local Form Template Maintenance”.

Defining the template is simplified and similar to KUT like selection of fields and adding them to the summary. Currently the template are dependant on Country only, and translation is not supported.



Multiple Signatures Support for Order in Online & Offline

Business generally try to capture the signature of the end customer as well as the employee taking the order as handshake of order placement. To support this we have enabled two graphical signature one foe the employee and one of the end customer. the feature is available for online and offline both.




Order as a follow-up action from a Survey answers in Offline mode

Sales representatives taking surveys for out of stock product want to ensure that these out of stock products are ordered for refurbishment. To help the users we allow defining a follow up action for a certain answer to a question in the survey. e.g if out of stock question has been answered yes then remember this product for the follow-up action sales order. As the rep goes on the create an order during the visit after answering the survey all the products which have been out of stock appear in the survey bucket, as a part of add product screen of sales order.

While this feature was available online, we now enabled this offline as well, since many a times the reps are in areas of no network.



Error Messages Buffering related to External Pricing

ERP is the leading system for orders created in C4C with external pricing. As every customer has multiple validation enabled in ERP we honour the errors fetched on simulation of an order. The errors received are displayed on the UI. But these would disappear as the user worked on the order editing or rectifying the errors. To avoid multiple click we buffer and display the messages on the order ui until the next simulate even though the user might be making changes to the order. Although the errors or not saved with the order in C4C. On reopening the order these errors and not displayed.


While these were some high impact changes, we also made some others changes like: Pricing Components Authorization in Offline,  Email Sent using the “Send E-mail” action shown in a pane along with the activities, oData API enhanced for updating Item involved parties and Refresh Action added to fetch the latest state of the order on the UI.


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