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RSS Feeds are now available in the community

Dear Community,

I’m happy to share that starting today we have RSS feeds available in the community. This will make it easier for members to keep up to date with content and people they find interest in. It will also make it easier to engage in a timely manner.

For you convenience, I’ve attached below screenshots of where the RSS buttons can be found and what their feeds will contain:


Question detail page:

Feeds for comments and comments and answer per question:

Q&A tag page:

Feed for new questions published with the tag:


Blog post page:


Feed for comments per blog post:


Blogs tag page:

Feed for new blogs published with the tag:


User’s Profile Page:

Feed for content published by the user:


Coffee Corner Page:

Feed for new discussions published in the Coffee Corner:



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  • Seems not working for Chrome, but IE works. Sorry, insert picture is not working, I cannot add screenshot of Chrome.

    Now struggled, which internet explorer does community fully support?

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  • Hi Moshe,

    guess how I found this blog? With my RSS-reader! 🙂


    At least with blogs, RSS has been working fine for quite some time already, see:

    (We only didn't have nice buttons but had to manually add /feed to any URL. )


    Anyway, it's great that RSS-Feeds now get better exposure and support here on SAP Community. To me, they are such a great way of content discovery (and - partially - consumption).


    Also great to see that Questions&Answers are now also available via RSS, we didn't have that in the past.

    I hoped that I can also get RSS of un-answered questions only, that would be great!

  far as I can tell, this is not provided by the interface.


    I thought it could be done manually by juggling around with the URL, e.g. just adding "&filter=unanswered", but that doesn't seem to work! 🙁



    Normal feed for S/4HANA, provided by the UI:


    Feed for only un-answered Questions? :

    => same content, this doesn't work! 🙁



    So maybe this could be implemented in the next sprint? Again , this would be really helpful to me! (While you're on it, it also would make sense if I could get only questions (and Blogs) in Languages I understand (=> provide filter on language)


    Again, thanks a lot and happy feed(-read)ing!


    • ...of course the URL above doesn't work, as only the tiltle is changed.

      What I meant to post (and still doesn't work!) was this:

      [Reply instead of edit, as edit doesn't work!]

      • Thank you for your feedback Joachim. I will ask for this to be added to the requirements and it will prioritized among other requested features.


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