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Author's profile photo Sandip Biswas

SuccesssFactors Intelligent Services Center (ISC) & Integration Center (IC): Replacement of 3rd Party middleware to trigger simple interfaces from Employee Central

SuccesssFactors Intelligent Services Center (ISC) & Integration Center (IC): Replacement of 3rd Party middleware to trigger simple interfaces from Employee Central

Background: In this blog, I am going to discuss how to trigger Integration (Integration Center) automatically based on Intelligent Service Center (ISC). Say for example, we have to send employee data to a SFTP server whenever there is location change in employee job information.

Without using any 3rd party integration tool/middle-ware we can achieve this functionality with the use of Integration Center (IC) & Intelligent Service Center (ISC). The same concept can be used to trigger other Integration from Integration Center based other employee data changes like email change, job info change etc.

Let’s see the configuration steps.

Step 1: Create new integration from SF Integration Center. Here I have created an Integration named as “Location – ISC Trigger” with 5 fields (Sequence Number, Start Date, User ID, Event Reason & Location)

Field Details:

Step 2: Create a Business Rule to trigger standard SF event for Location change. In the below sample rule system is checking old & new location value, based on that it is triggering Location Change Event. There are many sample rules related to event trigger in Success Store which can be used/copied for different requirements.

Step 3: Assign the Rule to the Succession Data Model. The same can be done from “Manage Business Configurations”. The rule needs to be added on “onPostSave” Event Type.

Step 4:  Modify/Create Flow in “Intelligent Services Center”. Add the Integration ID (Created in step 1) in the Flow of ISC.

Here you can choose when the integration should trigger. Standard list of “TIMING” is below.

All Set. Let’s change location for an employee & see what happens.

For Employee “Jimi Maccalin” location is changed from Maidenhead to London in Employee Job Information.

On Post Save of location change data in employee Job Information ISC event triggered:

ISC flow trigger detail:

Based on ISC flow configuration it also triggered the Integration “Location – ISC Trigger” in Integration Center.

Detail of Integration Center Execution Manager:

Execution log Detail:

Created SFTP File Detail:


Sample File contains the fields which has been added in step 1.


When the file is in SFTP other systems can pick it up & process it at their end.












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      Author's profile photo Kriba Ezhilmani
      Kriba Ezhilmani

      Amazing Blog. Thanks for Sharing. We had done something similar for one of our clients. We configured Intelligent Services to trigger for Employee Hires and connect to a custom SCI. This SCI, in turn, pulls the right username and Email for the new HIRE from the Onboarding System.

      Author's profile photo Henrik Waeltken
      Henrik Waeltken

      Sandip - is there any identifying information passed from ISC to IC which allows the integration to filter only the specific user / entity who experienced the change? e. g. does the ISC pass the personIdExternal or empid or other business keys to the integration? If your organization had 30 location change events that day, would the file always include include all location changes that occurred up to that point in the day?

      Author's profile photo Philippe BOULICAUT
      Philippe BOULICAUT

      How these event-based integration is sensitive to event deletion ?

      ex : on dec 1rst , I’ve got an event added in job info to change location from Paris to Lyon : an event is created with these event date. The integration is receiving the new location Lyon.

      now if I delete these event, does the event for location change is created W with the previous record date ? Or nothing is being send and we have a disconnect between the source and target system.