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Hi guys,


…ready for EU GDPR?

Here is one custom solution maintaining the inactive users personal data and auditing your system.

  1. Audit your entire SAP environment
  • Audit your entire SAP environment to identify where all the personal data is stored
  • Determine who can have access to this data (users, roles, groups)
  • Monitor security of your systems

  • Reports

   2. External request for personal data

  • External user is requesting his personal data (via email or….) or internal team wants to perform a company audit
  • Security team receives this request

   3. SAP IdM build in retention policy tool

  • Auto deletion of inactive users personal data  (depending on the company policy)

  1. Technical information
  • entry types (used for auditing purposes)
    • Z_GDPR_REPORT (GDPR report per inactive user or for all inactive users)
    • Z_GDPR_REQUEST (GDPR request – deleting the personal data)
  • UI forms (Create/Edit/Display/Search) for each GDPR entry type (Report/Request)


  • jobs running reports/requests (scheduled jobs  maintaining the entries from GDPR entry types)

  • GDPR passes info:
    • GDPR Report passes:
        • Note: depends on the selected option, we can have 2-reports (csv files):
        • Query used for the reports:
    • GDPR Request passes
        • Query used for the requests:



Hope you like it 🙂

Simona Lincheva

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