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Web Dynpro Selection Screen Variants


A frequent request from our business users is to simplify selection screen input on often-used reports with a feature similar to the selection screen variants available to SAPgui users.

Though Web Dynpro component WDR_SELECT_OPTIONS doesn’t offer such a feature as standard**, it’s possible to develop not only a custom solution but a reusable one. This multi-part blog series will detail the steps to develop a reusable Web Dynpro component for selection screen variants that can be plugged into any report with little effort.

The component we develop will offer users three familiar options: Get, Delete and Save as Variant.

Let’s get started.

** Newer component WD_SELECT_OPTIONS_20 does include functionality to save and retrieve select-options values for applications using UI Guidelines 2.0 and above.

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  • Hi Amy,

    The blog is amazing.Thank you for such valuable information.I am trying to implement the same code.But facing one issue. In the method mentioned in ONACTION_MENU_ACTION in Part 4 of the series, below piece of code to the open the value help on the VARIANT attribute. Here the method OPEN_VALUE_HELP is not available in the WINDOW_MANAGER. Am i missing something on this? Can you please help with alternate solution to this.

    METHOD onactionmenu_action .
      CASE id+7. " ACTION_*
        WHEN 'GET'.
          wd_this->wd_get_api( )->get_component( )->get_window_manager( )->open_value_help(
            search_term   = |Get variant|
            view          = wd_this->wd_get_api( )
            event_handler = 'ON_VARIANT_GET'
            structure     = NEW zwdvari( component = wd_comp_controller->mv_component
                                         application = wd_comp_controller->mv_application ) " SHLP importing parameters
            fieldname     = 'VARIANT'



    • Hi Ishita,

      You must be at a lower release where IF_WD_WINDOW_MANAGER doesn't yet have that method available. Does your system have web dynpro component DEMO_VALUE_HELP_API? Maybe that component can show you alternatives to programmatically opening a search help. You can also create a separate popup window that provides custom behavior to mimic the search help.

      Good luck!

      • Thanks Amy for the quick reply.The component DEMO_VALUE_HELP_API is not available in my release. Can you help if any SAP Note can be applied to get the required methods.




        • Hi Ishita,

          The objects missing from your system will require an upgrade. I wasn't able to find in what release the open_value_help method was introduced, but SAP should be able to advise you if you reach out to your SAP contact.