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Author's profile photo Maksim Alyapyshev

Reporting user roles configuration for Analysis for Excel reports based on ABAP CDS analytical queries

Hi, i this post I would like to share information about reporting user roles for accessing Analysis for Excel workbooks based on ABAP CDS Analytical queries.

Imagine that we have ABAP CDS analytical query in area of Plant Maintenance (PM):

  • Query DDL name: ZPM_C_NAME
  • Query SQL view name: ZVPM_C_NAME
  • Cube DDL name: ZPM_I_NAME
  • Cube SQL View name: ZVPM_I_NAME
  • DCL was created for Cube and based on Plant Authorization Object I_IWERK .
  • Analysis workbook name: ZWB_PM_NAME

I recommend to create at least two group of roles:

  • ZROLE_PM_REPORTS - Basic Role with general authorizations and menu included Analysis workbooks
  • ZROLE_PM_WERK_<NAME1>, ZROLE_PM_WERK_<NAME2>,..ZROLE_PM_WERK_<NAMEN>- Organizational Roles for plants authorizations.
    They will define information about which plants data user will be able to analyse.

Basic Role ZROLE_PM_REPORTS should include:

  • S_RFC Authorisation check for RFC access
    • ACTVT = 16
  • S_RFC Authorisation check for RFC access
    • ACTVT = 16
  • S_TCODE Transaction Code Check at Transaction Start
    • TCD = RAAOE, SU53
  • S_USR_AGR Authorisations: Role Check
    • ACTVT = 03
  • S_RS_COMP Business Explorer - Components
    • RSINFOAREA = *
    • ACTVT = 03, 16
  • S_RS_COMP1 Business Explorer - Components: Enhancments for the Owner 
    • RSZOWNER = *
    • ACTVT = 03, 16
  • S_RS_AO Analysis Office: Authority Object
    • RSAO_OBJTY = 00
    • RSZOWNER = *
    • ACTVT = 03, 16

Also you should add reports to this role menu. Now it’s not possible to add them through PFCG t-code, then use Save workbook to Role in Analysis for Excel. See discussion:

Organizational Role ZROLE_PM_WERK_ALL for all plants should include:

  • I_IWERK PM: Maintanence Planning Plant
    • TCD = RAAOE
    • IWERK = *


  • It is recommended to additionally trace authorizations to get your values for S_RFC.
  • I used asterisk(*) to give access to values bases on mask, e.i. in similar report names or functional groups.

In result:

Reporting user with roles ZROLE_PM_REPORTS and ZROLE_PM_WERK_ALL will be able to open Analysis for Excel, see reports in Roles area, Open reports and Analyse data for all plants.


Thank you for attention!

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      Author's profile photo Ashwani-Kumar Sadana
      Ashwani-Kumar Sadana

      Hi Maksim,

      I am new to SAP and coming from Oracle world and am better comfortable with HANA side. Please bear with me if I ask naïve question below. I hope you can help me solve the problem I am facing. The problem I am facing is that I have  2 Test users TestUSR1 and TestUSR2 in SAP BW NW layer.

      • Both users don't exist in HANA
      • TestUSR1 has lots of roles in BW
      • TestUSR2 has limited roles in BW
      • We have run for both users RS2HANA_GEN
      • I have built a Calculation View Z_CV1 which returns one dummy record
      • I am consuming Z_CV1 from AFO excel workbook
      • For User TestUSR1 it works
      • But for User TestUSR2 it gives error "No authorization for requested service"

      Now my question is that would you be specifically able to let me know which Role(s) TestUSR2 would be missing that he receives this error?




      Author's profile photo Maksim Alyapyshev
      Maksim Alyapyshev
      Blog Post Author


      Try to use SU53 after getting error with user TestUSR2.

      Try to record trace by ST01 and look at authorization here.

      And find what is missing here.


      BR, Maksim

      Author's profile photo Lalit Yadav
      Lalit Yadav

      Hello Maksim,


      Can you please elaborate more about plant specific workbook role. We have a requirement in which we have created a workbook and in filters we have plant. So user want roles specific to plant assigned to core team



      Lalit Yadav