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New simple tool to write and store requirements now OpenSource

I am happy to announce that since the SAP Inside Track in Romania a new open source tool to handle requirements is open source. It is was an internal tool at CubeServ since 2012, and thanks to CubeServ you can now use it with MIT license.

A simple way to store requirements is as list in a table calculation or in a database. This tool uses Excel and provides some VBA coding that simplify the handling of requirements.

Please go to SimpleRequirementTool to see how you can build an Excel while with the required VBA code yourself. To enhance trust, no Excel with macros will be distributed at any time. Supposed you see one, assume it is an attack and report this please.

The github page will be improved in the next weeks. Please open an issue if you have any problems or to propose improvements. Or fork the project and make a pull request.

To stay informed, you may follow @SimpleReqTool on Twitter.

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  • Oh, that is pretty interesting) And how is it in use? Did you try this new app or not? What other features has this tool? Any bugs and problems? Where did you get this tool? i am really interesting  in using it, but I need to know more, as I have no time to choose each tool for so ling every time I need it for coursework help service. I think, I am not the single person with such problem, am I? Also I always reccomend great tools for my friends if they really worth that mark and my friends really need such tools. thanks a lot for the informatiob?

    • Hi Jordan,

      thanks for your interest. Here are my answers:

      < And how is it in use? Did you try this new app or not?

      It is the only requirement tool I use. I use it for my own projects often, but not always. And I use it in complex projects when I do not receive professional requirements. Which is normal for me, I never received requirements that where maintained in (what I think is a professional, specialized) requirement tool.

      < What other features has this tool?

      The list on should be nearto complete. My intention was not to provide many features, but just the features that I found to be most helpfull.

      • Numbering of headings
      • Marking comments
      • Generate unique searchable IDs
      • Set the status of an requirement
      • Set the status of development and test
      • Mark an requirement as deleted
      • You can add own columns if you need them.
      • Export the requirements to a file. This file can be loaded into Word. Word files are easier to read than the original Excel list.

      < Any bugs and problems?

      I know currently of no bugs. Problems:

      a) Exports to Word may need some afterwork if multiple requirements refer to the same topic. Example:

      Req1 The Dynpro has to contain buttons.
      Req2 The dynpro has to contain windows.

      You would prefer to read in the Word export:

      The dynpro has to:

      • contain buttons
      • contain windows

      This has currently to be done by hand. I would like to have an automatic logic for this, but had yet no time to program it.

      b) No History

      c) No redo (There is no built in redo for macros in Excel

      d) It is not noted when a requirement was entered and by whom

      e) It is not noted when a requirement was changed and by whom

      I believe that some of this missed functionality could be added easy. As I could live for many years without them, I did not yet added them. I see forward for helpfull issues and pull requests in the repository.

      < Where did you get this tool?

      I made it myself after I trained myself in how to formulate requirements.

      < I am really interesting  in using it, but I need to know more, as I have no time to choose each tool for so ling every time I need it for coursework help service. I think, I am not the single person with such problem, am I?

      I have the same problem. I searched for tools at the time when I started to train myself in requirements. As I found none that fitted to my needs, I remembered that in one of the book that I read is was written, that for small projects it is possible to enter requirements in a table calculation or database without using a specialized tool. I started with Excel and added the VBA code from time to time to solve problems I had with using plain Excel files.

      Best regards,



      • I forgot to mention:

        As it is an addon to Excel, some features are provided by Excel itself as:

        • Filtering
        • Searching
        • Adding further attributes
        • Restricting values of attributes
        • Coloring and formatting for better readability and to follow customer conventions (Keep in mind that the Word export can be used to distribute requirements. As the import to Word is done using an html file, the Word can have any formatting you need)


  • Hi Rainer,

    I tried to import the bas file, but haven't finished all the steps.

    Unfortunately, now the context menu seems to already registered and anytime I open excel documents, I saw lots of things on the right-click context menu.

    How do I prevent this macro from running in other excel documents?


    • Hi Donnie,

      you can run the macro KontextmenueZuruecksetzen. This will restore the context menu.

      Sorry for the German name, it should be English.

      Feel free to open an issue in the repository regarding the German language or other problems. I will check soon what issues are there and open the missing issues.

      Did you add the code Workbook_BeforeClose as is described in the documentation? If not the context menu will stay as it is. This is annoying and irritating. But to my understanding, this should be all (Am I right?).

      BR Rainer

      • I added now issues regarding this problem and made the first translation of comments and method names to English.

        Please check

        Feel free to open new issues or comment existing one. Processing issues on Github and not here on the comment pages makes it easier for all of us.

        I discuss the topic only to make clear that the issues are processed on github. And because I expect, that SAP developers are not so trained with open Source development using git (and github).