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In the previous blog (, we have gone through the scenario of external individual customer engagement with C4C WeChat integration. It may be the most common scenario as WeChat is the mobile application used by individual users. Consider the internal employees of your company can also be WeChat fans, can they benefit from C4C WeChat integration? The answer is yes!


Scenario 2 – For Internal Employees

Daily work of internal employees who C4C business users may include receiving C4C notifications and processing accordingly to the notifications, like getting a notification for a customer visit tomorrow, a notification for an opportunity approval, or a notification for a service ticket assignment. Considering WeChat may be a mobile application which user uses more than C4C extended app, also C4C provides limited notification feature (user cannot get notification until he/she open the C4C extended app), internal employees do benefit from the C4C WeChat integration.

In this scenario, WeChat users are the internal employees of the company who is using C4C. Still, the company needs to register its WeChat Official Account, it can be a same WeChat Official Account which is used to interactive with external individual customer, or another WeChat Official Account of the company but only for internal usage.

WeChat users firstly follow the WeChat Official Account. Then WeChat users need to match their WeChat info with their C4C user profile by the service developed at the WeChat Official Account, or manually maintain the WeChat info in C4C user profile.

As now we have the linkage between WeChat user and C4C employee/business user, you can develop what change should be captured and sent to WeChat for notification. You can also develop other functions at your WeChat Official Account to provide your internal employees more services to interactive with C4C.


A third scenario in the final series…

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