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Author's profile photo Lingarajkumar Nadagoudara

SLT – Data Replication from SAP to Non-HANA

Dear All

Many blogs are available on data replication from Non-SAP to HANA. But none of the blogs explain the data replication from SAP to Non-HANA.

The combination of non-ABAP on source and non-ABAP on target side is only officially supported if the non-ABAP target is SAP HANA Database.  SAP generally supports if the source system is an SAP system connected via RFC, then connect to any receiver Database system that is supported by SLT (SAP Note 1768805).  Plus replication from ABAP-based and non ABAP-based sources into non-ABAP targets is also available on project basis (SAP Note 1768805) please connect with SLT Dev first.

Thus I thought of explaining the configuration via this blog. This blog explains the data replication from SAP R3 system to MS SQL Azure on cloud. The below picture is self explanatory.

Please read the note “1768805 – SAP LT Replication Server: Collective Note – non-SAP Sources”  for supported DB releases. Ensure to have the proper license from SAP for SLT for non-hana replication.

  • Enable SLT Target system dropdown for Non-HANA Target

Follow the note to enable non-hana target in SLT system.

“2285078 – SLT target system dropdown disabled when creating new Configuration”

  • Prepare SLT system

Please ensure that the SLT system is installed and configured to run the data replication.

For example, HTTP port(SMICM), Roles  and below SICF services should be activated.

• iuuc_replication_config
• iuuc_repl_mon_powl
• iuuc_helpcenter
• iuuc_helpcenter_document
• iuuc_repl_wdc_config_gaf
• iuuc_repl_mon_schema_oif
• /sap/public/bc
• /sap/public/bc/ur
• /sap/public/mysso/cntl
• /sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/iuuc_repl_mon_schema_oif
• /sap/public/bc/icons
• /sap/public/bc/icons_rtl
• /sap/public/bc/webicons
• /sap/public/bc/pictograms
• /sap/public/bc/webdynpro
• /sap/public/bc/webdynpro/adobeChallenge
• /sap/public/bc/webdynpro/mimes
• /sap/public/bc/webdynpro/ssr
• /sap/public/bc/webdynpro/ViewDesigner
• /sap/bc/nwbc

Please implement all the relevant notes in replication server and source system mentioned in the release note for DMIS component. In my case, implemented all the relevant note as per the note “2016511 – Installation/Upgrade SLT – DMIS 2011 SP7”

  • Setup RFC and DBCO connection

RFC connection to Source — SLT system to R3

DB Connection to Target — SLT system to MS SQL

For DBCO, please prepare you SAP instance to connect to remote SQL Server. In my case, I followed the note ” 1774329 – Preparing your SAP instance to connect to remote SQL server”  to establish DBCO connection.

Enable SLT to push data to Non-HANA

  • Create a new LTR configuration

Launch configuration and monitoring dashboard through T-code “LTR”

Click on NEW and provide the details.

Press Next, choose the RFC connection to SAP source and put a check mark for “multiple usage” for 1:N scenarios otherwise not required to put a check mark.

Press Next and provide the target system SQL details


I had issues when I used the custom schema name instead of default schema “dbo” and was getting return code 3(writing error on target). The table was getting created with the structure but the data was not flowing. Hence changed the schema to default “dbo” and the data started populating successfully to target SQL.

Press Next and then set the required number of jobs for data transfer. This can be changed dynamically later.

Review and create the configuration in the next step.

  • Replicate the data to Non-Hana

Go to T-code LTRC –> Choose the Mass Transfer ID created in the previous step.

Navigate to tab “Table Overview” and click on Data Provisioning, provide the table/s and start Initial Load or Replication according to the need.



Once the data flow starts you can check the status in Data Transfer Monitor and for the progress, you can navigate to Load Statistics tab.

Now the data will be transferred to the target MS SQL. Login to the target server and execute few queries to check if everything looks fine.











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      Author's profile photo Ertugrul Öztürk
      Ertugrul Öztürk

      Hello Lingarajkumar,


      in our scenario we would like to replicate data from HANA to DB2 (z/OS). Is this scenario also supported? Do you know which authorizations are necessary on DB2 side to replicate into DB2?

      Kind Regards

      Author's profile photo Lingarajkumar Nadagoudara
      Lingarajkumar Nadagoudara
      Blog Post Author

      Dear Ertugrul

      Yes. But supported DB2 versions are 8,9 and 10.

      While establishing a secondary database connection from an SAP LT Replication Server to an DB2 source system, you need the database user data (USERNAME and PASSWORD) with respective privileges to:

      1. to establish a connection  to the database.
      2. to connect to a specific schema from the database.
      3. to properly replicate and initially load for a specific table from a given schema, the database user that you have used for establishing connection to the database must have permission to:
      - Select from the specific table
      - Create a table in the given schema (in order to successfully create the logging table)
      - Select from the logging table
      - Delete the logging table
      - Create synonyms and views for the specific table
      - Delete the synonyms and the views

      Kindly refer the note "1778975 - SAP LT Replication Server: Using DB2 as non-SAP source" for complete details.

      Author's profile photo Ertugrul Öztürk
      Ertugrul Öztürk

      Hello Lingarajkumar,

      thanks for your reply, but in our scenario DB2 (z/OS) is not source but target. Because of this there are no logging tables in DB2.

      Which authorizations does the DB-user for the target system explicitely need? Can we customize in SLT the namespace of the created synonyms and views for the target system? Do you know that?


      Kind Regards

      Author's profile photo Lingarajkumar Nadagoudara
      Lingarajkumar Nadagoudara
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Ertugrul

      Unfortunately I have not worked on DB2 target scenario.

      Thanks and Regards



      Author's profile photo Sreeram Kaki
      Sreeram Kaki

      Hi Ertugrul,

      Have you performed the replication to DB2 on z/OS as Target? If yes please let me know how did you achieve it

      I tried to perform it and getting the below error:





      Author's profile photo Marco Bortolon
      Marco Bortolon

      Hello, I've to do the opposite: replicate data from an MII 15 single stack Java on MSS 2012(11.0.5058) to HANA. How can I achieve this?


      Author's profile photo Mohammad Safiullah
      Mohammad Safiullah


      Can we replicate the data at real time to MS azure data lake storage using ODP framwork ? I can think of using SAP Data service for real time data replication from SLT to azure data lake .But is there any way to replicate data directly from SLT to Azure data lake storage ?



      Author's profile photo Beto Javi
      Beto Javi

      what about if I wanted replicate in NRT to AWS RDS (sql server)?

      Author's profile photo Sabarna Chatterjee
      Sabarna Chatterjee

      What about SAP ECC to Snowflake DB