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Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas

SAP Community Call: Why Diversity and Inclusion is Important to SAP and Our Community @SAPMentors

SAP Mentor Chris Kernaghan  kicked off today’s call.  Watch the replay here

Source: SAP

Speakers today are shown above


Stephanie covered why “D&I” matters – Diversity & Inclusion matters

Source: SAP

Anka Wittenberg leads the team based in Germany

Source: SAP

Know the feeling when included and know feeling when you are not.

Psychological safety is when innovation happens

Source: SAP

D&I is a “journey” said Stephanie

Source: SAP

The eight powerful truths are shown above

How embed in day to day operations, change mindset takes years

Source: SAP

Inclusive behaviors

Source: SAP

10 people over the age of 70 at SAP

Source: SAP

D&I program was formed in 2013

30% women in leadership by 2022

5 generations working together, cross-mentoring

Source: SAP

EDGE certification – Stephanie suggested Googling it

There’s a lot of focus on interns; what about showing leadership/opportunities for those who have been there

120 people in Autism at Work

Moya Watson, SAP Cloud Platform Product Manager

Source: SAP

Leads SAP Lesbians Who Tech Summit

25 people from SAP were at the event


Speakers are shown above

Top takeaway – diversity in tech (bias is opposite) is a technology issue; technologists can do something about it, per Moya


150 female speakers, 50% speakers of color


Check out Camille’s presentation

What happens when any segment of the population is invisible to technology we use?

AI – look at who teaches the machine

“We’re prejudiced, and AI gets to learn it”


Facebook is working on benevolent AI


Left LWT summit; right is counting females at conferences

Question our bias; test for it too

Use technology to test for bias

Be inclusive with code, and design with intent, said Moya Watson

Hana Nagel, SAP

Source: SAP

Design complexity in user research; products that work for everyone


Where the wild things are (movie)

Max acts out anger

Max’s mother sends him to his room

Max experiences isolation

Escapes to world to conquer wild beasts; conquering his beasts/emotions

Returns home to hot dinner (foundation represents supper)

Hana suggests to first define complexity; the secret to communicate complexity

Imposed complexity includes regulation, not manageable

Designed complexity – results from the choices we made with the system

Reduce design complexity; get to the heart of what user is trying to do


Lesson 1 is “complexity is hard to understand”

“House held up by Trees” book

Need to know who our users are, what perspective they have

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Storytelling helps with solution

Need to understand diversity and the benefits

Look for similarities

Source: Graham Robinson

MasteringSAP at Melbourne last month


Moya Watson: exactly! our CTO Bjoern Goerke  recently
gave a d&i session in which he said “we’ve got the tech
down — it’s the people, the people changing, that’s the
hardest” <paraphrase>

Marilyn Pratt: 2011 – for the event:
+Inclusion+Driving+Innovation+in+Las+Vegas with Heike

Moya Watson: WWMD!

(g) Marilyn Pratt:

(g) Marilyn Pratt: available free for a few days:

g) Karin Tillotson: I wrote a blog in 2016 Gender Diversity in Tech – Why Do Some Companies Have Difficulty Finding Women For Technology Jobs

Moya Watson: I think the fear of the word quota is real — but — frankly — a red herring.

(g) Graham Robbo: I am no fan of the concept of “affirmative action” but the reality is that these types of initiatives have moved the needle when so many attempts before have failed

Moya Watson: If we know it could help us achieve our goals, we need to use the tools we can. check this out —

Amina Anderson: only way to be intentional is to set the goal – otherwise it doesn’t happen

Moya Watson: + amina. “if it can be measured, it can be improved”

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      Author's profile photo Moya Watson
      Moya Watson


      Tammy you never cease to amaze -- you're everywhere, and today I was really glad you spent some time here too! thanks for getting these perfect notes out.


      cc Former Member Stephanie

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for finding Former Member for me, Moya!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Was great to connect! Thanks for this fantastic meeting summary!

      Author's profile photo Douglas Cezar Kuchler
      Douglas Cezar Kuchler


      I really enjoyed the Community call session and also this blog post. Thank you, Tammy, for kindly writing and sharing it.


      I have a great appreciation for gender diversity maybe because I am married to a highly successful woman who is a scientist and researcher who teaches and leads other amazingly intelligent women. So I know that women can make a huge impact on technology and we clearly need more of them!

      Besides that, I have had amazing experiences in the SAP world with people from other diversity groups and I know that the world must be more diverse and more inclusive because there are plenty of capable people who deserve more space to make their work.


      Additionally, I am now working to bring another kind of diversity to the SAP Community: people who never had contact with SAP’s technologies. I am currently working on an initiative to make entrepreneurs and startup founders aware of how to use SAP technologies to build their next product or next company. On the next few days, I plan to make it public when I open the registrations for upcoming events related to this.


      I hope to see this diversity and inclusion movement going bigger and wider!

      Congratulations and thank you to the organizers and speakers.