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SAP WM- Process, Functionality, Scope, Benefits, Advantages, Disadvantage-Complete Reference-Part 21 – SAP WM_GO_Live_Check_List /Post-Go_Live_Check_list

Technical set up requirement at Go live locations


Reason for framing the blog on WM Go live check list- Many people asking Question what things we are cautious and what is to be checked and do we have any check list kind of thing to avoid last minute tension. I have framed the blog in such a way to cover the questions asked by our friends. please keep it in mind -most of the go live check list is common but few things amy differ based on the process and master data based on the modules..

This may vary from project to Project and under the decision of client business/GBS Team/ Implementation Partner.

Check List of Activities and Roles

Please find my blog link for SAP WM Authorizations


• All locations are connected the SAP central server/the speed should be proper to carry
the SAP transaction and should be approved by the SAP CTMs. This should be place by Date

• Local IT support for the locations should be in place.

• Monitor Use of Network – Mails, SAP, Local Downloads.


• All Hardware to be ready by Date XX-XX-XXXX (PCs /Printers etc), Zebra Printers for label printing etc..

• SAP GUI is loaded on all required machines

• One Local IT support person is in-charge Documentation.

• End User Documentation for the respective group.


• All End Users are Trained in WM Transactions

• Check that they are trained on segregating
o Configuration issues
o Functional issues
o Procedural Issues
o Hardware issues
o Networking Issues

• No User should attempt to do a job of IT if they need a service e.g. Change IP
addresses, local system names.


To keep watch on

• Users accidentally logging out others

• Users deleting others sessions

• All problems to be logged in through E-mail

• Help Desk Creation: Level 1 support (procedure to be designed by SAP CTMs and Clients
IT department)

Activities to be Performed before Go-Live

• All the masters should be ready by XX XX XXXX date.


Number ranges for all the transactional documents should be kept ready to avoid last min hurry- tension etc..

• Transaction Training to User will be imparted by CTM on XX XX XXXX date.

• Plant wise Stock will be downloaded from PRD system on XX XX XXXX date & will
circulate to respective Plants.

• Respective Plants will input the data in given Bin wise Stock Upload template & send the
approved files to CTM by end of XX XX XXXX date.

• Customization request other than activation of WM will be transferred to PRD by XX XX
XXXX date.

• Bin Master will be uploaded in PRD using BDC program by XX XX XXXX date.

• Material Master Will be Extended to Respective Warehouse by XX XX XXXX date.

• Material master will be extended to DUMM storage Location by XX XX XXXX date.

• Create Hazardous material for respective warehouse by XX XX XXXX date.

• Assign Hazardous code to respective material master code by XX XX XXXX date.

• Black out Period will be taken where all users will be blocked in PRD server for using any
transaction from XX XX XXXX date to XX XX XXXX date.

• Existing Stock will be transferred to DUMM storage Location by XX XX XXXX date.

• WM will be activated by Transferring relative request to PRD.

• Stock will be transferred from DUMM storage Location Respective Storage Location.

• Transfer Order will be posted with reference to Transfer requirement generated by above
point for Transferring the Stock to Bins given by the Plants.

• Transfer order will be confirmed.

• Transfer “MM customisation changed for WM” resetting request to PRD.

• PRD system will be ready for online Transaction (GO-LIVE) by XX XX XXXX date.


Every Day Check List for Warehouse Management Module. –

We can treat this as post Go-live check also.

1) Check warehouse wise the Stock in all it’s respective interim Storage Type

901 GR Area for Production
Goods Receipt Posted against process order but TO has not created & confirmed.

902 GR Area External Rcpts
Goods Receipt Posted against Purchase orders but TO has not created & confirmed.

904 Returns
Return Delivery Posted but TO has not created & confirmed.

911 GI Area for Cost Center
Issue to Cost Center (201 movement Type) posted but TO has not created & confirmed.

914 GI Area Production Orders
Issue to Process Order (261 movement Type) posted but TO has not created & confirmed.

916 Shipping Area Deliveries
Delivery against sales order Posted but TO has not created & confirmed.

917 Quality Assurance
Sample Withdrawal Posted But TO has not created & confirmed.

920 Stock Transfers (plant)
Plant to Plant Transfer Posted But TO has not created & confirmed.

921 Stock Transfers (StLoc)
Storage Location to Storage Location, Material to Material transfer document Posted But
TO has not created & confirmed.

922 Posting Change Area
Batch to Batch, Sales order to sales order , Quality stock type to Un-restricted stock type ,
Quality stock type to block stock type, Un-restricted stock type to block stock type, Unrestricted
stock type to Quality stock type movement posted but TO has not created &

999 Differences
Bin to Bin transfer (LT01) posted but TO has not confirmed,
Physical inventory difference is posted in warehouse (WM) but not cleared in Inventory
Management (IM).

Check Pending TR for TO creation.

3) Check warehouse wise Pending TO created but not Confirmed.

4) After saving the delivery check the Picking status in display or change delivery transaction,
the status should be fully picked up.

5) Check the Log generated by background job using SM37 transaction for JOB name :
If any error found process the TO manually.

Especially we need to check background job status in SM37 daily basis.

6) Printer, Zebra Printers, Printer set-up by checking Spool etc..even by test print ..

7) If TRM activated site then related readiness for Resources and related Task.. etc..

I hope for Warehouse manager he needs to keep his warehouse similar to the  Army because whenever shortages, In comings or new customer orders he need to face everything and all in Sync…I hope no one is having alternative idea on this….

Nowadays SAP warehouse will have everything in planning and all in sync. to help the business to avoid problems and last minute shortages or unexpected problems.. in other words – a warhouse manger is good planner and able to execute the actions practically rather than a good planner.


Supportive information link- Normally before go-live we need to complete stock upload during cut-over activity. for information purpose i am sharing here..

Please refer my below blog link- Uploading Opening Balances to Storage Bin where stock is already available in storage location

SAP WM Stock upload Procedure- One important thing why i have shared the link- the way used to upload to know we can use Z- customised objects to upload otherwise to show we have many alternative solution to handle upload of stock.

Details on check list is applicable to all the modules but i here specified for SAP WM. Hope it is useful.



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