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Reviewing Social Media from @SAPInsideTrack Ribeirao Preto, March 24, #sitRP

So this took longer than normal, mostly because of the update to SAP Analytics Cloud.  Parts of this analysis were done before last week’s update, and then other tools came into play.

A few weeks ago SAP Inside Track Ribeirao Preto was held in Brazil. How did it look on Social Media?

So SAP Analytics Cloud shows 719 tweets with 484 unique tweeters

Most of the tweets were on March 23rd, the day before, “SAP Personas Day”

The top time zone for tweets was Brazil, with Pacific second

Interesting that the top language was English

Smart discovery looks at the “Favorite” counts for the @SAPInsideTrack twitter account

Favorite tweets are higher when the language is Portuguese

Favorite tweets are higher with Raquel Pereira da Cunha

See above for Top Tweeters

TextLayer shows the top single words above in tweets

TextLayer shows the top 2 word combinations above in tweets

Above shows the top text in tweets, combining topics with twitter ID’s

Top topics are shown above, including ABAP, Analytics, BI, S/4HANA, Ariba, Blockchain, IoT, and Screen Personas

Top twitter ID is shown above; I believe it may be a bot.  Good to see Raquel Pereira da Cunha and organizer Douglas Cezar Kuchler  in there and other on-site participants

For “fun” and a hybrid BI use case, I accessed this SAP Analytics Cloud model using Analysis Office

What I like about it is it aggregates by dimension automatically

Above is a Word Cloud using R with SAP Analytics Cloud

Above are the top twitter ids shown in an R Word Cloud with SAP Analytics Cloud

R Code to do this is shown below:

# load package

# get words
words <- sitrptextxlsx$Text

# get frequency
frequency <- sitrptextxlsx$'Count'

# generate word cloud
wordcloud(words, frequency, scale = c(6, 2), rot.per=0.3, colors=brewer.pal(8, "Dark2"))


Top favorited tweet was this:


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