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Author's profile photo Devesh Kapse

Standard BW Extractors with SAP S4 HANA

Dear All,

I am Devesh Kapse, SAP BW on HANA consultant at Accenture Solutions. I have worked with SAP BW and BW on HANA implementation, BW and ECC upgrades, S/4 HANA migration, BI ABAP and BO tools.

This Blog is my learning from a S4 HANA migration project where I was responsible for delivery(Adjustment of BW w.r.t. S4 migration & Quality) of BW on HANA 740 system and SLT after migration. I could find very minimal knowledge on the impacted extractors with S4 HANA over the internet and Hence sharing the the learning.

What is the impact of Standard BW extractor with S/4 HANA implementation or ECC to S4 migration?

Wondering on the above question. So here is some learning I had from my last project.

  1. Before starting the S4 migration, Check the SAP note – 2500202 – S4TWL – BW Extractors in SAP S4 HANA. The note contains the list of BW extractors which are fully supported, Partially supported and obsolete with S/4 HANA. For example Finance data extractor 0FI_GL_10 is Whitelisted with S/4 HANA, this means the data source is fully supported and will work with out any restriction. 0COSTELMNT_ATTR is Not whitelisted, will work but with some restrictions. 0CO_OM_ABC_1 is Not Whitelisted and DS not working – no alternative exists.2LIS_01_S001 is deprecated.
  2. Before migration Check the underlying tables for the BW data sources, as there are many application (Transparent) tables which are now Views, and for many tables the keys are changed. This may effect the data loads at DSO level and may give you wrong information. for example – the source table FAGLFLEXT, for data source 3FI_GL_L1_TT, is a DB view with S4 with all fields as keys. There may be a situation where at the DSO level, due to changes in Keys, we may not get the unique record or records might over right, resulting in mismatch in totals.


The next Blog will be following –

  1. SLT Upgrade methods.
  2. Extraction of S4 CDS views with BW on HANA 740 systems.

Thanks and Regards,


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      Author's profile photo Raymond Lee
      Raymond Lee

      Hi Devesh,

      Nice information..we are also migrating  HANA ECC  to S/4 HANA with BW 7.5 HANA system,initially

      they run on report in that report for BW part  Data sources categorized ” DS Working -No Restrictions and "DS not working -no Alternative exits ".

      In the category "DS not working -no Alternative exits " we got only generic data sources how can we proceed on this?? any idea....


      Author's profile photo Devesh Kapse
      Devesh Kapse
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Sairam,

      SAP is working on the same and will provide the standard ABAP CDS views for the same which can be consumed in to BW/4 HANA system directly.

      Till the time, if really urgent, you can go with custom CDS views, Not the traditional way as CDS view will be the future way of extracting data.

      Thanks, Devesh


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Devesh,

      Thank you for taking the time to write about your experience of impact on BW extractors, while migrating to S/4 HANA.

      We are doing a assessment for a customer, who intends to move to S/4 HANA from ECC EHP 5.

      We have referred to the SAP Note 2500202, mentioned by you in your blog. However there are approximately 133 extractors for EHS, which are part of the cusomers system and are not covered by the above mentioned note. We are therefore unable to understand the impact on these BW extractors (for EHS related data) on moving to S/4 HANA.

      The BW system is on oracle database.

      Mentioned below are some of the extractors out of the 133, which are not covered as part of the above mentioned note. Can you please point us in the right direction, from where we can get this information?


      Thanks in advance.


      Author's profile photo Devesh Kapse
      Devesh Kapse
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Jayesh,


      Sorry for the delay in response.

      If you extractors are not in the list means they should be working fine.

      For a safer side, Just create a ticket to SAP for their confirmation.


      Thanks, Devesh


      Author's profile photo RAGHU VANARASI

      Hi Divesh,

      im newly working on SAP BW/BCS.our ECC system is FI (finance box) which feeding data to BW .

      my question is : ECC (FI box) is migrating to S4HANA,if it is happen BW box will sustain else all the actions that we are doing in BW ,can be performed in S4 itself





      Author's profile photo Atul Kumar
      Atul Kumar

      Hi Devesh,

      Our ECC is getting upgraded to S4 HANA. In one of your blogs you have mentioned  that you have experience on same. Requesting you to provide me detailed steps for the same.

      Like What will be Our approach. Activities we need to follow. Plan and Deliverables.

      I would be thankful to you. I tried to google all these things but its redirecting to your blogs only so I thought of asking you better.

      BW is BW 7.5 on HANA.


      Please help as you see my comments.



      Atul Kumar


      Author's profile photo PRANEETH NAGALLA

      Hi Atul,


      I have same question as yours now. Any inputs/suggestions pls

      Author's profile photo Jatin Vedi
      Jatin Vedi

      Hi Atul,

      We are also planning to upgrade from ECC -> S4HANA. Did you receive the steps? Can you share your knowledge on how you connected the data sources. Was it via ODP framework?

      Author's profile photo Maximilian Binder
      Maximilian Binder

      Hi Devesh,

      we are going to convert our ECC (based on oracle) to S4HANA, therefore we need to check the extractors for our BW system (based on HANA) wich of them will be fine or wich of them we have to work on it.

      However, our external partner has told us about an "enable workshop S4HANA", wich is provided by SAP to do some kind of a "readiness check", wich would give us detailed informations about the extractors we are using.

      How can we get into it or who we have to talk to, that this check can be done on our system?

      KR Maxi