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Hello Friends,

I would like to share the configuration steps in Credit Management Process in SAP S/4 HANA and its functionality.

I hope you will like this and this document will help all those user’s who really want to learn SAP S/4 HANA delta change in the system.

This brings an honor to share this documentation with all of you about how, Credit Management with S/4 HANA.

The Standard BP role for Credit Management is UKM000 – SAP CREDIT MANAGEMENT.

Configuration Steps for Credit Management in S/4 HANA.

Step 1: Define Credit Segment


New Entries,

Save it.

Only if Needed:

Note of External Credit Information, you need to create Rating Procedure,

Make sure that the external information providers are connected to the following interface via the XI infrastructure:

Credit Information Query out (Query Credit Information from External Data Providers) in the namespace


New Entries,

This rating procedure, you need to assign with credit limit calculation,

Select the created rule and click on score, credit limit and rating procedure.

ID Type = Credisafe.

Step 2: Define Customer Credit Group

Note: In SAP S/4 HANA, the Credit Management Calculation has enhanced with formula editor function button. Following are the calculation formula criteria:

  1. Currency
  2. Credit Segment
  3. Score

Step 3: Assign Credit Control Area and Credit Segment. Transaction Code: UKM_SEGMENT


New Entries.

Once assignment done with credit control area and credit segment, then save it.

Step 3: Assign Sales Area to Credit Control Area.

This is the normal steps which we are doing in SAP ECC system.

Step 4: Enter Settings

Condition Partner: Update the subtotal with value “A” for Credit Release check for NET VALUE condition type.

Step 5: Determine Active Receivable Per Item Category. Transaction Code: OVA7

Activate as per your required Item Category.

Step 6: Define Credit Group. Transaction Code: OVA6

You can create your own credit group as per requirement.

Step 7: Assign Sales Document and Delivery Document.

If you want to activate the Credit Management at Delivery Level, you can update the same as well.

Step 8: Define Automatic Credit Control. Transaction Code: OVA8

Step 9: Define Rick Category and Assignment.

Note: As we need to activate the BADI for the following Credit Management in S/4 HANA.

Select the BADI and click on ACTIVATE button.

This complete the configuration procedure for the SAP S/4 HANA for FSCM Credit Management.

Customer Master Setup:

Enter the Rules, Risk Class, Check Rule and Customer Group under Credit Profile tab, which you

will get under UKM000 BP role.

After that, go to Credit Data Segment and fill up the value as shown in below snap shot,

Update the value for Limit Defined, i.e. Credit Limit.

Save it.

This complete the Master Data Setup for FSCM Credit Management in SAP S/4 HANA.

O2C Process and FSCM Effects:

After Credit Limit Exceed,

As the Risk Category kept as Error, so it will not allowed saving the sales order.

This completes the FSCM Credit Management in SAP S/4 HANA.

I hope this blog you will like and will help you in some case.


Kundan Vishwakarma


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  1. Former Member

    Hi Thanks for sharing this information – just wondering if FSCM (credit management) is included in S4HANA license or outside ? Any idea


    1. Ardian Yuwandono

      in S/4HANA If you use the same functionality as in ECC for credit management (Basic credit management) it does not require additional license. But if you also use additional function such as scoring with formula it require additional license.

  2. Amol Rai

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge,

    Could you please specify the customizing for credit management for outstanding of the customer.

  3. Madhur Gundecha

    Hi Kundan, thanks.

    Where can I find difference between pls sap and HANA. Specifically, in earlier credit management there were fields like max credit limit and individual credit limit. I am not able to find comparable in BP in hana

  4. Mohamed Zaki

    HI All,


    but how can display report for customer credit limit and how get difference amount between customer balance and credit limit as all old reports obsolete in S/4 same F.31


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