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Defaulting Onboarding Fields into Employee Central


A common pain point when integrating Onboarding to Employee Central is getting all of your fields to map correctly. In particular, there are some fields that need to be added in Onboarding just so that they can feed into Employee Central. Examples of these fields include the primary field for emergency contact and phone information, as well as national identification country and ID type. While I previously added these fields to a panel during the PHV step, my colleague @kayla.toelle recently showed me a method that allows you to default fields without adding to a panel.


In order to default fields from Onboarding to Employee Central you will need to create a new data list within Onboarding and map the created field to your desired Employee Central field. The following steps will walk you through the process.

Step 1: Create a New Data List for Your Default Field

For each field you want to default you will need to create a new field within Onboarding Data Lists. To do so navigate to Onboarding –> Settings –> Data Lists–> Lists–> Create


Once you select create you will be presented with a screen that allows you to create the field name for the values you would like to default.


Step 2: Add New Fields to the Data Dictionary EC Integration Folder

You will now need to add the field you created into the EC Integration folder within the Data Dictionary. To do so navigate to Onboarding–> Settings–> Data Dictionary–> Integrations–> EC–> Fields

Step 3: Map Fields Using Employee Central Field Mapping Tool

The last step is to map the defaulted Onboarding field to the correct EC field. To do so navigate to Admin Tools–> Field Mapping tool for Onboarding Employee Central Integration –> Select the field you added to data dictionary –> Map accordingly

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