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Installing SAPWebIDE Personal Edition and connect it to a System

Todays blog is about the setup of the webide personal edition. There are some blogs out there, explaining how to setup it. In the meantime, the world did not stand still and I had my issues to get started easily.

So for all folks of you, going to get on that road the next days / weeks / months (not years) here I give you the lessons I have gone through the last days.

  1. Connect your system to the webIde. Working with the metadata-file end in a lot of work to handle the connection between your system and the app!
  2. Make sure, you have a naming convention out there, not because I like guidelines that much, moreover to be absolutely clear how to identify your apps and avoid strange symptoms because of similar names
  3. Using templates does not mean, you do not need a concept before. Whenever you are going to develop something new, you need to know in which direction you aim, and this is a really big pain point if you do not know that.

So, ok, enough from the fancy tips, but please remember those, when it comes the call to action!


Ok, how to setup the SAP WebIDE personal edition?

  1. visit and browse to the ui5-tab

–> download the preferred version

  1. Follow the guide section install

–> Make sure, that you do not use the build in zip tool from microsoft. The guide is not that clear, but this extractor cannot handle long filenames and you will end in this message

when trying to start the server.

I used 7zip and it worked fine (ok, have to be true, used it at the second time:-))

Extract the zipped files to C:\SAPWebIDE.

The folder-structure should look like this in the end:

Have done it, because of the guide, not sure if this is necessary, but you know, when there is a guideline, stick to it.

  1. Start the WebIDE and test, if you can reach the website


–> To start the WebIDE you have to go to the folder eclipse and start the orion.exe (marked yellow above)

This window should show up

When your at that point, the local parameters look all fine for the moment and you can proceed with step 4, if you are in trouble, I can recommend to copy paste the message you get and search sap community.

  1. Connect to a onPremise system
  2. Create some folders as explained here

Yes, these all are folders, destinations is also a folder, not the file!


  1. Create for your onPrem System a textfile (my example is A4H)

delete the extension, it should look similar to this screenshot

  1. Now open it with your preferred editor and copy paste the follwing lines (These are also included in the guide mentioned above)
Description=<mysystem> description
WebIDEUsage=<add a value according to the table below>
sap-client=<SAP client number for ABAP systems only. Delete this line if you are not using an ABAP system.>

Should look like this at the end (of course, you also have a host and port included)

The yellow marked part is in my example everything you can insert here.

You have to choose, what you want to do with your connection.

Also the ProxyType could be OnPremise, when your behind a firewall

Both are explained in the above link.


  1. When you have finished that, you have to configure your system you want to connect also.

Log on to your system and open transaction SICF

Make sure you have activated the following nodes including all subnotes!!

  • /sap/opu/odata

for the OData functionality of Gateway

  • /sap/bc/ui5_ui5

for executing SAPUI5 applications from the SAPUI5 ABAP Repository

  • /sap/bc/adt

for extensibility scenarios and developing or deploying to SAPUI5 ABAP Repository

  • /sap/bc/bsp
  • /sap/bc/ui2

for working with fact sheets

  • /sap/hba

for SAP HANA XS OData services

If you have installed SAP_BASIS 7.31 SP 14 or 7.40 SP 8 or later everything fine, if not have a look at the link, there are some notes mentioned what to do.

Here’s the link to the guide explaining it:

When you have finished all of the above you can start your orion-server again and try to consume a service. It should appear a logon dialog when trying that and everything is fine.


The official guide do include all the information I have mentioned in my blog here. It’s just not that easy to read, because it mix up the different WebIDE Editions and so I thought this could be a helpful blog for those, starting the journey right now.

Another problem are also the older blogs on that topic. Installationpath has changed over the time and you have to figure it out, if the problem or the recommendation is still valid, so this will also happen to this blog at a time. But I think for 2018 it will remain the same:-)


Like always, add your comments, thoughts and if there is room for improvement (and I’m sure there is) let me know.

How do you handle the versions you created with the WebIDE, right now I download the projects and save it to the task. Sometimes I have only one App and I think a Git-Server is a little to big to control the versions. Are there any alternatives out there (next to the filesystem?)


The next blog will cover the odata-creation with CDS and Eclipse, but that could take me a while;-)


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  • Hi Florian,

    This blog seems like a repeat of the documentation for me.. You say it's unclear or not easy to read, so maybe I can make it easier to read instead of adding more places with the same info...
I also don't understand how it "mix up the different Web IDE editions"..
We have  a section for the personal edition in the SAP Web IDE documentation and in SAP Web IDE Full-Stack documentation. Do you have a different proposal to make it more convenient?

    With regards to improving the documentation, I can add a section at the end that recommends the users to execute the SAP_BASIS_ACTIVATE_ICF_NODES task from the Task List. Will that be sufficient?


    • Hi Michal,

      as I mentioned above, the official documentation do include everything you need to do, but it is not easy to read at all. For example the connection to a system is not explained in a way, I would expect it.

      Here is the section how to connect to a system

      so, why is there a separation of personal edition and cloud. I would expect one section in the documentation how to connect to a system.

      • Personal edition
      • “cloud edition”

      Whenever I read documentations I start at the very beginning, because in the past this was always the way how SAP provided documentation.

      And a "Getting Started" Section does talk to me exact that what it sounds, but right here, there is a extra section at the end, why?

      So before wasting time again I have “documented” it in a way I would want to see it.

      Maybe it’s just me, who know.


  • Hi Florian.

    Do you know when to upgrade WebIDE personal edition.?

    Todays version UI5 in personal edition is 1.44 and in cloud 1.54.3




    • Updates to the personal edition comes every quarter. As a result of the process with convert and testing that the cloud-version is always some steps ahead..


      • Thanks, Florian for answer.

        But at we see

        SAP Cloud Platform, Web IDE Personal Edition. Updated: 06/07/2017

        and it's almost a year ago. It is a not every quarter.

  • Hi Florian,


    nice writeup and good tips. just one clarification request. if configuration is correct, shouldn't point 3 show somewhere a successful population of the dropdown of the (destination SID) System, e.g. here?



    Thank you, greg

    • Yes, there should be a system now after restarting the WebIDE Server.

      IF there is nothing make sure, you have the path correctly insert.

      C:\SAPWebIDE\eclipse\config_master\service.destinations\destinations\ <-- Here is the file located

      • I've created a file at this location with the contents described in your blog. In SAPWebIDE though there still is no system shown in the "select application from SAPUI5 ABAP Repository" dialog (same as the image above).

        Another commenter below mentions the file type of the destination file is important. I created it as a text file and simply removed the file extension as your blog describes, but the file remains a "type TXT" file. Is this the problem?

        I've also tried instead to create a file with no type in Notepad++ with the same contents. This file's type shows as simply "File", but still there is no destination shown in SAPWebIDE.

        • After putting the file there you need to restart the whole application. And yes, if it is still shown as txt-file it might be your problem.

          Did you name the file like the SID? I think that is mandatory.

          • Hi Florian,

            I did restart Orion and also closed and reopened the Chrome browser and navigated again to the localhost URL and logged in. Still there are no systems listed in the dialog. The system file is currently just of type "File" and not "Text" and is named the same as the system I want to connect to (although I don't know how Orion would know one way or the other whether the file name is also a SID). I wonder if you have any other ideas? Are there other components that need to be installed?


  • Hi Experts!

    I just joined a company and they need to develop Fiori Applications that will be hosted on SAPUI5 ABAP REPOSITIRY.

    What development environment would you recommend?

    Is a subscription in SAP Cloud Platform necessary to use the SAP WEB IDE service?

    If the above is not necessary, can I use SAP WEB IDE trial for this purpose?

    Should the company pay a subscription to do this type of development?

    Thank you very much for your comments.

  • Hi Florian,

    I need to know how to install SAP Web IDE Personal Edition on Windows Server System .. where I have my SAP Gateway [ OData ].


    Thanks ,


    • Of course, that is exactly what I have done in the beginning. Just make sure to understand what kind of version you can use with your release. Not that you are wondering that some things do not work as expected.


      • Thanks a lot for your reply. I was wondering why someone use Web IDE as cloud service to implement simple extension on S/4 HANA on premise Fiori App when personal web IDE is available for such extension.

        Customer has already paid license fees for S/4 HANA 1610. Now why customer will pay again for Web IDE as cloud service?


        • Using the personal edition does not mean you get it for free. The personal edition is divided in two versions.. trial and productive.

          It's just delivered as install local installation, because some companies have such high security rules, that SAP has decided to also offer it as a local installation.

          So be aware, using the personal edition for productive development, does also mean you have to pay 😉

          • Hi Florian,

            Do you know what is difference between Cloud Web IDE and on premise Web IDE (personal edition - Productive) with respect to Fiori extension development?

            I know if i am going for cloud web ide then i need to use cloud connector to connect on premise system.

            Thanks for your reply and support.


          • Doesn't have any differents. The "Cloud Edition" is just always up to date and the personal edition gets an update every quarter. But regarding the extension possibilities you won't be limited with the personal edition. At least I haven't found something for the extensions I have done so far.

  • Hi FLorian,


    Thanks for this helpful blog. I could install webide personal very quickly on one system. However on antother system, I have Java version 10, and  I think due to this reason I am not able to install webide person. Orion server is starting but when i give the URL , I get the error message-

    HTTP ERROR: 404

    Problem accessing /webide/index.html. Reason:

        ProxyServlet: /webide/index.html
    I installed older version of Java and added following in orion.ini  -vm C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_201
    But am getting error Java was started but returned with exxit code 1...the orion doesnot start..
    Do you have any idea on this. Pls let me know
    Best Regards
    • How have you extracted the package. I mean what tool. MAybe you have used the windows integrated one by accident.

      I don't think that the java-version is the rootcause of the problem.

      Otherwise you can have a look here:

      • Hi Florian,


        Thanks for the promot reply...It's running now...My one more mistake was that destination file should not be created as txt file.

        Best Regards



        • Hi Smriti,

          that was a very important step. I looked everywhere for a solution and never thought about changing the filetype. Thank for mentioning it after finding a solution. It saved me a lot of time.

          Best Regards


  • With Personal WebIDE, I am able to build UI5 applications and execute them without any issues. But, I am not able to open Websocket connections, and get a 404 error. It seems that ws:// urls are not getting translated into correct endpoints, like in case of a odata call. Is there anything to be setup specifically, to enable Websocket connects?

    I am trying to connect to ABAP backend, to use ABAP Push Channels. The channel works when I try to test it using SE80.



    • I do not know a setup you have to do, but can imagine, that your problem is, that if you have developed your ui5 application with the personal edition, the local server just have problems to connect to your backend.

      I suggest you have already checked, that you added

      everything possible to your connection-file. As I have not used such a scenario maybe you create a question for it.


  • Hello Florian,


    Thanks for the nice post.


    I just did the first steps, downloaded install file, and when I extracted it, I do not see the orion components in it. Is there anything that needs to be done for getting this Orion content?




  • Hi Team

    Please find that I am getting "Catalog Service is unavailable. Please try again" error . I have activated all services. I have removed local system alias for catalog services.Please check. Thanks


    • Hi Madhukar,

      sorry for the late reply. I'm sure it's a problem of the destination. Go to the responsible persons for network and ask if you have to do something additional in the "etc/hosts"

  • Hello Floria


    I have WEBIDE local trial versión installed on my pc...i developed a ui5app that calls to odataservice in the backend system but i have gotten a 404 error. i created a file without extensión into the folder destination in eclipse/config_master/ service.destinations /destination on my pc, is it necesary the cloud conector ?

    What information adicional do you need for help me? 🙂

    Please your help