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One feature I was missing since I switched from SAP GUI to ABAP in Eclipse is the possibility to change the color theme for specific systems, in particular different themes for Development, Quality Assurance and the Productive system.

Therefore I started to build a plugin functionality for the ABAP in Eclipse Editor that enables coloring of my different ABAP projects.

The plugin is not already completely ready. But at least its very easy to get it up and running – so give it a try. There are only 3 simple steps to get colored projects in ABAP in Eclipse:

  1. Download and install the free plugin ABAP Continuous Integration from the Eclipse Marketplace
  2. Open Window->Preferences Section ABAP CI and activate one or more of the selection boxes at the end of the configuration tab. The coloring functionality can be set for  tab header, left ruler bar and / or right ruler bar
  3. Open Window->Show View->Other and Search for the “ABAP Colored Projects” view to assign colors for specific projects


The source code for the plugin can be found at: Ideas welcome.

Some remarks on the current functionality:

  • the tab header works for all development objects but  my PC is flickering when changing  from one ABAP project to another
  • the coloring for the left and right bar works quite good, but it does not work for example for transactions as there are no left and right bars
  • on the left and right bars annotations are shown – therefore I do not use the coloring for the DEV system–> I am currently working with left and right bar coloring enabled for all not DEV systems and skip the tab header coloring

There are still some small flaws in the functionality. Like the first opened editor in a new system is not colored at the first time and when working on two screens the tab header coloring does not work perfectly.

I am curious about suggestions to improve the functionality, in particular ideas about other possible visualisation options or even a yet existing better solution.

Have colorful Easter Holidays,




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  1. Micky Oestreich

    Hi Andreas,

    ‘Nice feature’, was my first reaction. So I downloaded it and installed it.

    But unfortunately, it does not work well together with the darkest of dark theme I’m using. The ABAP CI plug-in messes up the entire settings (see picture).

    Any idea what causes this? Would be nice to use both plugins, alongside.

    Kind regards,


    P.S. After uninstalling the ABAP CI plugin, the dark theme is working just fine again.


    1. Andreas Gautsch Post author

      Hei Micky!

      Sorry if the plugin messed up your development environment a bit – thats really not the intention.

      I installed the darkest of dark theme and I think if you deactivate the two options:

      – change theme layout on failed tests
      – chage color of tab header for colored projects

      … then you should get only a colored bar and the rest of the  theme remains unchanged.

      Maybe you have to  reset the dark theme and restart Eclipse once after disabling the two checkboxes. I could only verfiy on a Neo Eclipse with Oxygen the darkest dark theme g

      As far as I have seen a programmatically initialized Theme change always starts from the Default theme, I have to check if this can be changed.

      Let me know if  it works for you if you deactivate the two mentioned options.

      Regards, Andreas

      1. Micky Oestreich

        Hi Andreas,

        indeed this works, however the coloring does not always ‘cover’ the entire (left) side bar as one can see in the image below.


        But no real argument not to keep using this plugin.


        Gr. Micky.


        1. Andreas Gautsch Post author


          I didn’t want to override the marker functionality for the scope of the current method.

          Of course not yet perfect, but I am happy that the darkest dark theme is not messed up any more 🙂


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